What is the reason for the blue fox?

If there is a deficiency of sulphur-containing amino acids, use products containing more sulphur-containing amino acids, such as: feather powder, wool eggs, etc.; if it is caused by parasites, insect insects, use ivermectin or abamectin. Or eliminate intramuscular injection, or partially wipe trichlorfon and so on.

The most important thing is to strengthen the supply of feed nutrients and deworming work to prevent hair loss. Hair loss is due to the lack or imbalance of trace elements, such as copper, cobalt, sulfur, zinc, iron, manganese, etc., or the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus, but also related to the lack of sulfur-containing amino acids. Individual body resistance and absorption are also different, so some hair, some do not eat hair.

Snow Topping Cream Powder

Snow topping Cream Powder contains vegetable oil, no animal oil, and can be beaten to produce a high volume of 300%. It is very acid resistant, and making a fruity mousse ensures structure and texture. Light and delicate in taste, it can highlight the unique flavor and texture of mousse powder. Creme fraiche powder does not break, ferment, turn yellow or decompose. It is a durable and delicious product.
This product can not only make cream cake, ice cream, mousse cake, tiramisu, etc., but also can be mixed into western soup, coffee, milkshake or milk tea and other drinks.

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