What is the nourishment of snow and solar energy?

With the blowing of the cold wind, the “big snowfall” also came. In this cold winter, it is believed that even those who love beauty will want to start eating some delicious food to make up for their cold body. However, we usually eat too much meat, and we should not eat too greasy food at this time. This is not conducive to the health of the body. In particular, after the “big snowfall,” the weather becomes increasingly cold and it is about to enter the middle of the winter. Too much stuff to eat will make food stay in our stomachs, hindering our own irritated stomach. So, what should we eat during this season? Below, we come to recommend several nutritious and healthy nourishing foods. The "supplement" in winter should be suitable for warming up.

Pork meat:

[ingredients] 枸杞 20 grams, 100 grams of lean pork, 20 grams of green bamboo shoots, oil, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, dry starch, soy sauce amount.

[practice] Wash the rice dumplings. Wash lean meat and bamboo shoots, and mix in a small amount of starch. Heat the wok in the frying pan, add the appropriate amount of oil, stir the shredded pork and the bamboo shoots in the pan, cook in Shaoxing wine, add sugar, soy sauce, salt, and monosodium glutamate. Stir in the fry until cooked. , can be poured with sesame oil.

[Efficacy] Nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney.

This is a combination of medicine and food, Yinxueliangbu, eyesight fitness medicine party. For physically weak, anemic, debilitating, sexual dysfunction, and diabetic patients, they all have physical and mental health benefits.

Ham roasted sea cucumber:

[ingredients] 200 grams of sea cucumber, 50 grams of ham, plain oil, rice wine, wet starch, sugar, ginger, light blue, soy sauce, salt, and the amount.

[practice] Wash the sea cucumber, cut into pieces, put it in the boiling water and remove it after use. Ham slices ready. After frying pan, heat and put oil, stir into the onion ginger, then add sea cucumber, ham stir fry till six or seven mature, pour rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, water, simmer over low heat, until the thick soup , Wet starch starch is completed.

[Efficacy] blood essence, nourishing and filling marrow. The most appropriate blood deficiency, postpartum imaginary, impotence nocturnal emission, weak labor, chronic illness physically weak, aging and weak.

Garlic Artemisia:

[Ingredients] Garlic 3, 250 grams of wormwood, MSG, salt, sesame oil amount.

[practice] Wash garland chrysanthemum, cut an inch long section, garlic smashed for mud spare, add boiling water to boil, add garland chrysanthemum pot boiling water 3 minutes to remove, put garlic, monosodium glutamate, salt, sesame oil at the same time, stirring Even dish can be.

[Efficacy] Appetizing spleen, blood pressure Bunao.

Description: Garlic broccoli and meat, eggs and other leeks together, can increase the utilization of vitamin A contained.

Garlic contains a "glycoside" score that prevents arteriosclerosis, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the chance of thrombosis. Garlic is best eaten raw, because the active ingredient in garlic will lose its effect. After eating garlic, the stomach eliminates odors. You can sip your mouth with a strong tea or eat a few jujubes. The odor can be eliminated.

Fungus melon soup:

[ingredients] 150 grams of melon, 150 grams of water fungus, 15 grams of dried rice, 1 egg, salt, water, starch, MSG, sesame oil amount.

[practice] Wash melon peeled slices. Fungus, dried shrimp wash stand. Eggs are evenly spread into egg skins.

Add fresh soup to the pot and boil it. Boil rice and edible fungus and boil for 5 minutes. Add the melon into the pot. Sprinkle the salt and starch in the pan. Pour the egg into the skin before cooking and topped with sesame oil.

[Efficacy] Sheng Jin Chufan, clear stomach Polyester, nourishing and strengthening.

Sauerkraut stew noodles:

Ingredients: a pack of sauerkraut (vacuum packaging can be), with 450 grams of skin pork, vermicelli or vermicelli, water, ginger, sugar, salt, sesame oil, green onion amount, garlic, soy sauce amount.


1. Pour water into the cauldron, about 9 cups. The pork belly is slightly harder, cut into large slices, and put it into a pan. Cook with ginger until it boils. Turn a small fire, remove the floating foam above, add sugar and continue to cook for about 40 minutes until the meat is soft and rotten. Fentiao warm water to soft spare.

2, remove the pickled cabbage into the pot and cook until boiling again, this time into the vermicelli or fans, cook for about 10 minutes, add sesame oil and mix well, sprinkle with green onion can eat.

3, when you eat can be attached to a sauce of garlic soy sauce and pork slices to eat.

Efficacy: With a reasonable mix of nutrients and balanced nutrition, it can quickly add calories

Tomato burdock soup:

Ingredients: 3 tomatoes, burdock 350g, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt practices:

1. The burdock goes to the end of the blood, the onion ginger blasts the burdock, the meat tightly sprays the wine, puts the salt, fry, (don't add soy sauce) Add water or soup (no more water, just over the meat) ,Turn the pressure cooker on the gas for 20 minutes.

2, fried meat when fried meat, I did not use tomato sauce, they used four large tomatoes, with a small fire diced green onions into tomato sauce, sirloin pressed down into the tomato sauce for a while, let the burdock absorb tomatoes We taste and taste taste.

Snowy season eat more kelp

Why should we eat more kelp in the snow season? This is because, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, seawater is cool and cold, and the kelp that grows on it has extremely strong cold resistance. Kelp and taste of salty, long-term consumption of warm kidney function. Therefore, eating kelp in winter can increase the body's ability to resist cold.

In addition, people are afraid that cold is related to the body's intake of certain minerals. Such as the amount of calcium in the human body, can directly affect the myocardium, blood vessels and muscle flexibility and excitability; iron deficiency in the blood often show less calories, low body temperature and so on. Therefore, supplementing foods rich in calcium and iron can improve the body's ability to keep out the cold. The kelp is the treasure house where humans take calcium and iron. Each 100 grams of kelp contains up to 117 mg of calcium and up to 150 mg of iron, so eating kelp in winter has important health benefits for children, women, and the elderly.

There are many cooking methods for kelp, such as seaweed stewed tofu, kelp marinated coriander, seaweed soup, and kelp porridge.

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