Fermentation feed feeding quail effect is good

Also known as Land Dragon and Qufu. Attending snakes, three insects, scorpion poison, kill worms. Turn it into water, treat typhoid, jaundice, fever, fever, and drinking water. It will go mud, with salt into water, the main day of all the heat, epilepsy in children, coated erysipelas, apply paint sores. Will become into juice with onion, treatment of deafness. Treatment of stroke, throat. Dry fried research into the end, the main snake hurt. Treatment of foot and malaria. Resolvable spider poison. Earthworms are also an important part of the food chain of the ecological environment. They can loosen the soil, facilitate the entry of water and fertilizer, increase the fertility of the soil, and are conducive to plant growth. Due to its unique medicinal value, we need a lot of embarrassment, but we cannot destroy the natural balance. Therefore, artificial breeding of earthworms is an important way to obtain earthworms.
Apes are omnivorous animals that do not eat in addition to glass, plastics, metals, and rubber. Others such as humus, animal waste, soil bacteria, etc., and decomposition products of these substances are eaten. Like the heating of the soft feed, animal food is particularly bulimia, the daily amount of food is equivalent to their own weight. If you want to reduce the cost of farming, and you can keep good quality, you must find ways to feed. Practice has proved that: The above requirements can be achieved with the use of a Kinpo 1 fertilizer.
Jinbao Type I (fermented) fertilizer starter can ferment and decompose the feed ingredients, good palatability, with fine, rotten, soft, no sour smell, ammonia and other irritating odor, nutrient-rich, easy to digest and so on. According to the nature of feed ingredients can be divided into the following three:
1, animal feed: that is, cow dung, horse manure, pig manure, chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure. In all kinds of livestock and poultry manure, chickens, ducks, sheep, rabbits and other feces are nitrogenous feeds, which should not exceed half of the manure in the formulation of feeding bases. Moderate nitrogen and carbon feeds are beneficial to the growth and development of earthworms.
2, vegetable feed: that is, corn, wheat, rice and other crop stalks, all kinds of weeds, leaves, etc. can be formulated base feed, are better wolfberry plant feed.
3, waste feed: refers to the city's domestic waste in the rotten vegetables, rotten fruit, watermelon rind, rotten tomatoes, waste paper and some industrial waste, such as: sugar residue, furfural residue, distiller's grains, beer slag, saw foam ( Sawdust, a carbonaceous feed, is a waste feed.
However, the effects of the above feeds alone are not ideal, and the best way is to mix and treat the fertilizer with a certain ratio and then use the Golden Fertilizer Type I (fermented fertilizer) to ferment it before feeding it. Feeding quail with a feed fermented with a goldfish type (fermented) fertilizer starter can increase its immunity and growth speed, and it can reduce the feed cost by about 45%, which is a good helper for farming quail! For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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Multigrain Class

Coarse grain usually refers to rice, wheat, corn, soybean and potato five crops other than the grain and bean crops. The main are: sorghum, millet, buckwheat (sweet buckwheat, buckwheat), oats (naked oats), barley, millet, barley millet, barley millet, grain amaranth and beans (kidney beans), mung beans, adzuki beans (adzuki beans, adzuki beans), broad beans, peas, cowpea, lentils (soldier beans), black beans and so on. It is characterized by short growing period, small planting area, special planting area, low yield, and generally contain rich nutrients. The ancient Chinese medicine book "Huangdi Neijing" records that "five grains are for raising, five fruits are for helping, five livestock are for benefiting, and five vegetables are for filling". Some trace elements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium, are more abundant in coarse grains than in refined grains. The value of these trace elements to human health is considerable. Coarse grains are also richer in potassium, calcium, vitamin E, folic acid and bioflavonoids than refined grains.
Whole Grains are rich in nutrients. Oats, for example, are rich in protein; Millet is rich in tryptophan and carotene. Beans are high in quality protein; Sorghum is rich in fatty acids and iron; Tubers contain carotene and vitamin C. In addition, coarse grain still has the effect of reducing weight. Such as corn also contains a lot of magnesium, magnesium can strengthen intestinal wall peristalsis, promote the excretion of body waste, is very beneficial to weight loss.

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