Edible oil common mistake eat

Edible oil common errors inventory

“Oil” is a food that people must eat every day, so whether its usage is scientifically important for human health, if used improperly, it may even cause cancer. Experts have put forward many practical suggestions on the misunderstandings that people are likely to cause in cooking oil.

Myth # 1: High-temperature cooking

Many people like to use high-temperature stir-fry when cooking, accustomed to wait until the oil in the pan smoked before cooking, this approach is unscientific. High-temperature oil not only destroys the nutrients of food, but also produces peroxide and carcinogens. It is recommended that you heat the pan first, then pour the oil, then you can cook it, do not wait until the oil smoke.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not eat vegetable edible oil, or do not eat animal oil

If there is no oil, it will cause the lack of vitamins in the body, as well as the lack of essential fatty acids, affecting the health of the body. It is also not acceptable to insist on only eating vegetable oils and animal oils. At certain doses, animal oils (saturated fatty acids) are beneficial to the human body.

Myth 3: Eat only a single variety of oil for a long time

Now, it is very difficult for ordinary families to fry what oils they use. However, we suggest that it is better to use several oils alternately for food, or use one oil for a period of time and another for the next, because there is rarely one. Oils can solve all grease problems.

Myth 4: People with abnormal blood lipids or people with abnormal body weight are not different from oil

For people with abnormal blood lipids or people with unusual body weight, we are more concerned with the choice of high monounsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils. The amount of oil used must also be controlled. The total lipid consumption of people with normal blood lipids and normal weight should be controlled at no more than 25 grams per day, with polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids accounting for half of the total. The elderly, people with dyslipidemia, obese people, obesity-related diseases.

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