Application of chicken manure in river crab pond fertilizer technology

Chicken manure is a kind of organic fertilizer with comprehensive nutrition and high protein content. It is also rich in trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, zinc and manganese. Chicken manure is used as fertilizer, fertilizer, and water for fish culture. It was once to reduce production costs. One of the effective ways. However, chicken manure is not widely used in crab breeding. For the sake of reducing costs, the crab farmers started to use chicken manure in large quantities to replace bio-fertilizers. However, it did not get the expected economic benefits. On the contrary, it also brought many problems. This is mainly due to the fact that chicken manure was not completely treated before use, and it played an opposite role. To make chicken manure really play the role of fertilizer and water effect of biological fertilizer in crab ponds, it is also necessary to ferment the chicken manure with the fermented chicken manure fertilizer.
What harm does the pond use unfermented chicken manure?
Untreated chicken manure, which contains a large number of parasites and their eggs, and a large number of infectious bacteria, if it is directly sprinkled into the pond, not only will not play the role of fertilizer, but also the normal quality of water and crabs Growth and development have great harm. For example, the ammonia in the pool water will be too high, and the serious water color will turn black; it will easily cause the lack of oxygen in the bottom of the pool water, and the nitrite will be high; the organic matter in the crab pond will increase frequently, and the chance of the river crab becoming sick will increase; it will easily lead to unbalanced nutrition in the crab pond and the water quality will not be good. Stability and so on.
How should chicken manure be fermented?
Chicken manure should be thoroughly fermented prior to use. The general piling process does not allow the fermentation to be complete. It also requires Kumbo Chicken Fertilizer Fermenter to accelerate. 1 ton of chicken manure mixed with 1 kg of golden baby starter can be mixed with fermented microbial agent and chicken manure ventilation, ensure that the fermentation material C/N ratio is 20~25, PH 6~8, water content 60~65%, start The temperature is preferably 15 degrees or more, and the fermentation temperature is preferably controlled to 70 or less. Chicken manure can be fermented in one week.
What are the benefits of fermented chicken droppings?
Chicken manure after fermenting with Kim Bok Chicken Manure Fertilizer Fermentation Agent contained parasites, parasite eggs, and harmful germs were all removed and played a role in disinfection. In addition, the chicken odor after fermentation has no odor and is more convenient to use. Third, the fermented chicken manure has transformed the macromolecules contained therein into small molecule proteins and nutrients that are more easily utilized. The nutrients have been improved, and no secondary fermentation has occurred in the ponds. The pond water quality is black and stinks.
Although chicken dung is a good material for river crab ponds and water, it cannot be used if it is not processed by the company's chicken manure fertilizer, which not only fails to achieve the desired results, but also counterproductively. In addition, the majority of aquaculture friends need to pay attention: the long-term use of chicken manure, the pool water is easy to acidic, you must use quicklime to regulate water quality, or in the process of chicken manure add lime, so that the crab not only play a role in disease prevention, but also Can regulate the purification of water quality, promote the healthy growth of crabs. Details of the consultation: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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