Four common causes of failure of harvester and solution…

Fault one: uneven feed Cause Analysis: The position of the puller wheel is too far from the feeder to feed the auger. The distance between the agitator blade and the bottom plate in the middle section is too large. The distance between the feed button and the retractable tooth tip does not match-----

Factors affecting the centrifugal effect of the centrif…

A centrifugal separator is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate components of a liquid from solid particles or a mixture of liquid and liquid. So what will affect the separation factor? An important indicator for measuring the separation performance of a centrifuge is the separation fa-----

Rice field timely water supply and increase production

Reasonable water management during grouting during rice grouting is an important measure to promote root conservation, ensure smooth grouting, and increase grain weight. Studies have shown that about 30% of the material needed to be synthesized and transferred into grain from the rice to the wax-ma-----

Six measures of dwarfing flowers

With the development of the flower industry, miniaturized, compact potted plants and bonsais are becoming more and more popular with people. Therefore, dwarfing technology of flowers is increasingly showing its vitality. The main techniques for dwarfing cultivation are the following six: First, as-----

How to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment

In the past 10 years, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is developing in two aspects. One is that various types of multi-cylinder or transmission chain or lifting ultrasonic cleaning production lines have been introduced one after another; the second is the development of low-frequency ultrasonic cleani-----

Shortening the sow's labor process to reduce the oc…

The term "dead fetus" as used here refers to the fetus that died during childbirth, and does not include mummified fetuses and black fetuses that were formed before and during the first trimester of pregnancy. The main reason why sows give birth to stillbirth is that sows produce too lon-----

About the working strength and scope of the universal c…

According to the general variety, each universal cutting machine can process about one hundred kilograms per hour (such as atractylodes, rhubarb, yam), the texture is hard, and the slicing requirements are higher, such as gastrodia elata, white peony, per machine per hour. Each person can process ab-----