Ministry of Agriculture requires: Strengthening current…

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Notice on Practically Strengthening the Management of Today's Wheat Fields to Capture the Harvest of Summer Grains." It called for the agricultural departments at all levels to firmly seize the goal of harvesting-----

Diesel engine energy saving method

Reasons for the high energy consumption of diesel engines and their energy-saving methods: 1. Increasing the temperature of the diesel engine cooling water The temperature of the diesel engine is generally lower than 45°C, which makes the diesel fuel incompletely combustible. The oil has a large-----

Flaxseed cake detoxification method

Flaxseed cake contains cyanogenic glycosides. When cyanogen is introduced into the body, it will hydrolyze hydrocyanic acid under the action of lipolytic enzymes and cause poisoning in livestock and poultry. Flaxseed cakes should be attenuated when used as feed. Commonly used methods are: the flaxs-----

Pierce disease in grape and its prevention techniques

Grape Pierce disease seriously harms the American species and European and Asian grape species. Apart from harming grapes, the disease can also infect other 28 families of plants. 1) symptoms. The disease mainly damages the leaves of plants, and it can also harm the stems and roots. After the inf-----

In early May, main food prices rose by 60%

Yesterday, at a layer chicken farm in Luancheng County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, workers picked eggs. According to the Xinhua News Agency's national agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials price system monitoring, since the middle and late April, the nationa-----

Potato Sweet Corn Cowpea Broccoli Efficient Intercroppi…

The efficient intercropping pattern of potato, sweet corn, cowpea, and broccoli developed in Nanjing and surrounding areas has avoided continuous cropping obstacles and increased returns. Each acre can produce 1,000 kilograms of potatoes, 900 kilograms of sweet corn, 1,000 kilograms of kidney beans-----

Mutong cultivation techniques

1. The selection of land and site preparation sites should be selected from the mixed forests with convenient irrigation and well-drainage, the secondary forest mountain valleys and gentle slopes, the slope not exceeding IO-15 degrees, the fertile brown forest soil, and the sandy soil. Soil prepar-----