Eat Tremella Yam against Qiuzao

Autumn high bronchitis constipation, eat white fungus can be lungs, eat yam can Runchang What should you pay attention to in autumn health in traditional Chinese medicine? Traditional Chinese medicine says "Yin and Yang Yin", so autumn health is mainly "Yin Yin Sheng Jin." Q-----

Crab tomatoes with food = eat arsenic cream autumn crab…

According to Voice of China's “News Evening Peak” report, the Golden Fall season is a good time to eat crabs. Recently, a dish related to “tomato stew and crab” has attracted attention and controversy. There are even netizens saying that tomatoes and crabs are consumed -----

Diet can be used to treat fatty liver

For modern people, there are still many modern health diseases. One of the more obvious is fatty liver. In fact, for fatty liver, as long as we treat it in time, we can recover, especially our dietary adjustments. It's easy to treat. The diet of patients with fatty liver has strict requiremen-----

Doctors remind gastrointestinal patients not to eat mor…

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. The soft, moist and dirty rice dumplings are hot. The reporter learned from the 120 emergency center in the Tibet Autonomous Region that every year before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, people have “dietetic diseases” due to excessive consu-----

Alpine high yield cultivation techniques

First, the choice Should choose to grow robust, strong resistance, high yield, not easy to blue, produce large and tender pods for the seedlings. Second, the soil fertigation Gill white long growth period, large amount of growth, requiring fertile soil. When preparing the soil, reinforce the fi-----

7 small coups to help you easily solve the lack of autu…

So how do you improve the lack of autumn? The following seven methods can help you alleviate the lack of Qiu, full of energy and face the work. Ample sunshine Adequate sunlight can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, but after the fall, the light time decreases, especially when the rain continue-----

Agricultural oil seal leakage is a matter

Oil seal is an important part of various types of agricultural machinery and equipment, and is widely used. Various agricultural machines such as tractors, agricultural vehicles, and rice-wheat combine harvesters are equipped with various oil seals. They can effectively prevent the leakage of lubri-----