Rape Live Technology

Rapeseed is the most competitive crop in the domestic and foreign markets for the bulk of crop products in the city. It is not only a good raw material for people's food oil, but also an energy crop that replaces biodiesel. It has strong adaptability, large planting potential, and high potenti-----

Lactating cows group feeding management technology

First, feeding and management during dry period 1, low concentrate high coarse material. Reducing the amount of concentrated feed, increasing the amount of roughage, and stopping the feeding of succulent feeds, the dry matter content of the diet accounts for about 1.7% of the body weight, the rati-----

Israel develops anti-nematode transgenic banana

Israel’s Rahan Meristem Biotech has successfully completed field trials of genetically modified bananas that test the resistance of genetically engineered bananas to numerous pathogenic nematodes. Nematodes are one of the most devastating pests on the crop. Although nematicides can effective-----

The correct use of pesticides

The use of pesticides must follow: (1) Select the appropriate pesticide according to different control targets. (2) According to the occurrence of the control object, determine the application time. (3) Grasp the amount of effective medication and apply it in a timely manner. (4) According to the -----

Aquaculture water quality management and fattening

Through timely fertilization and water changes, the water quality is always maintained to be fat, live, tender and cool. Keep the transparency at about 30 cm, pH 7-8, dissolved oxygen 3-5 mg/l. For organic manure, poultry manure is better, and 1% quicklime and fermented rot are used before use. Fe-----

How to feed pigs with chicken manure

Feeding pigs with chicken manure is a source of feed. It is a good way to use biofermentation and sterilization. It has less investment, good efficiency, and is simple and easy to implement. However, eggs contain harmful substances and parasite eggs (coccidial, nematode), faecal olfactory hormones,-----

The correct use of plastic greenhouses

In recent years, plastic greenhouses have been widely used in flower cultivation, but the thermal insulation performance of plastic greenhouses is limited. According to our observations over many years, during a sunny day, the temperature in the shed can increase rapidly, which can be 15°C to 2-----