Three keys to improve the efficacy of cotton bollworm c…

Improving the control of the efficacy of cotton bollworm is an effective way to reduce investment and reduce costs. Three keys should be grasped. One or three master 1. Master the rules of spawning and pay attention to the application site. The bollworm lays eggs on the top of the cotton plant, on -----

How to reduce purple leaves of tea garden

In summer, due to sufficient sunlight, it will cause purple buds in the tea garden. We have taken the following measures and achieved satisfactory results. Use greenhouse scaffolding or new scaffolding to cover the shade net at the top of the tea garden. The shade rate is 60%. It can achieve the p-----

Grape cellar preservation and preservation method

Cellar storage of grapes, sold off-season, the economic benefits are quite high. We will introduce specific experiences to everyone. (1) The size of the cellar area required for the construction of the cellar can be determined according to the amount of stored fruit. After the cellar has been dug -----

Vegetable pollution-free prevention techniques in summe…

1. Viral disease. Virus disease is one of the major diseases that are vulnerable to summer infections of vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, and beans. During the onset period, potassium permanganate 800 to 1000 times, trisodium phosphate 500 to 800 times or potassium dihydrogen phosphate 500 to -----

Chemical control citrus rust niches

According to the author's many years of practical experience, chemical control of orange rust ticks, the effect of better agents are: 20% eradication of the emulsion 2000 times solution; 35% killing scorpion or konjac more 1500 to 2000 times; 50% ethyl sulfide Phosphorus 1500 times; 65% zeosyn -----

Storage of medicinal materials containing volatile subs…

Such as Asarum, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Angelica, Achyranthes, woody, Chinese rose, rose, bergamot, and other generations of flowers and other medicinal herbs contain volatile oil, strong aromatic odor, and bright color, not long-term exposure to the air, by temperature, Affected by factors such as hum-----

The Causes and Prevention of "Eat Tires" of T…

Large tire wear on both sides of the tractor is inconsistent, and sometimes wear quickly on one side, that is, "eat the tire" phenomenon. The reason: 1. Long-term over-loading of tractors overloads tires, increasing the slip rate and accelerating tire wear. At this time, if the pressure o-----