Control of armyworm

Mythimna separata is a migratory pest that injure corn, rice, pastures, etc. The people commonly known as "Tianma" and "Pests" have gluttony and omnivorous habits. The larvae feed on the leaves and become incomplete. Leaves eaten, resulting in loss of production. I. Trend fore-----

Wide range of microporous filter maintenance and repair

Microporous filters are now widely used in medical, chemical, electronics, beverage, fruit wine, biochemical water treatment, environmental protection and other industries. Therefore, its maintenance is very necessary, not only can improve the filtration accuracy, but also can extend the life of the-----

Making ginger sugar

Ginger sugar is one of the famous names in Sichuan Xindu, which has been passed down for more than 200 years. Ginger is characterized by sweet, slightly ginger, soft and moist, rich flavor, refreshing appetizers, Sheng Jin Huoxue, is a curative food. Raw materials formula: 18.5 kg of finest brown-----

The processing of bitter gourd candied fruit

First, the main raw materials 10 kg of fresh bitter gourd, 10 kg of sugar and 0.35 kg of alum. Second, the process The choice of materials, fabrics, brewing, blanching, candipping sugar, sugar, icing Third, the operating point instructions 1 choice of materials: choose white, individual unifo-----

Non-pollution cultivation techniques of summer lettuce

1. Select suitable varieties should use heat-resistant, rapid growth at high temperatures, leaves and more tender, good quality varieties. Such as heat-resistant white leaf tip, bitter buckwheat leaves, white leaves, heat-resistant white skin and so on. 2. Timely sowing of hot water lettuce Lettu-----

Bee Colony Safe Move "Four No"

Do not feed sugar, do not fight drugs. The feeding of sugar should be stopped 1-2 days before the transfer. If sugar is fed, bee colonies will confuse them for sugar; if they do, they will panic in the beehive and even attack each other. If the road is far away and you are afraid that the bees wil-----

Enhanced Management of Lighting in Chicken Houses

The content of lighting includes the time of light and the intensity of light. 1. Control of light intensity In terms of light intensity, the light intensity of 1 lux corresponds to 0.0929 foot-candles, which means that 1 foot-candle is equal to 10.76 lx. The 1-7 week old chick house should be l-----