Measures to promote apple coloring

The bright color of the apple gives a sense of beauty and helps to increase the value of its products. So, how can we promote apple coloring? First, strengthen water and fertilizer management moderate moisture, adequate fertilizer, timely, coordination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, is condu-----

Medical electronics market: let care and technology wor…

Different from any electronic technology, medical electronics is a topic of common concern to the whole society. According to IBM's latest advertising campaign, 30% of the data capacity in the future comes from medical information . IDC expects that by 2011, the world will genera-----

Simple diagnosis of crop diseases

Crops must have suitable environmental conditions during their growth and development. If they are affected by adverse environmental conditions or suffer from parasite infestation, the normal growth and development of the plants will be disturbed and destroyed, and a series of physiological functi-----

Talking about the drawbacks in the construction and fee…

In recent years, new changes have taken place in the pig-breeding industry, which has shifted from conventional traditional free-range farming to large-scale farming. Many new breeders of pigs have emerged throughout the country, but they have not paid enough attention to the construction and feed-----

Battery powered by microbial bacteria

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing a new type of bacterial battery that is only half the size of human cells, all powered by microbial bacteria. Professor Belcher of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology mixed harmless E. coli M13 p-----

Yak feed composition

The yak is the calf who pointed out that after weaning, the yak's age depends mainly on the length of breast-feeding time. The period of breast-feeding is generally 3-6 months. It is fully developed, has low resistance to adverse environmental conditions, is weak in adaptability, and the gastr-----

It is imperative that the medical device market is attr…

The medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry with high barriers to entry. At present, the overall medical equipment level of Chinese medical institutions is still very low. About 15% of the medical equipment and equipm-----