The "needleless syringe" market continues to …

Syringes are the most commonly used medical devices in medical institutions. According to reports, the annual sales volume of disposable syringes in the international market is as high as 1.2 billion. However, the traditional syringe must be injected into the skin (or vein) by the needle t-----

What is the nourishment of snow and solar energy?

With the blowing of the cold wind, the “big snowfall” also came. In this cold winter, it is believed that even those who love beauty will want to start eating some delicious food to make up for their cold body. However, we usually eat too much meat, and we should not eat too greasy foo-----

What is the reason for the blue fox?

If there is a deficiency of sulphur-containing amino acids, use products containing more sulphur-containing amino acids, such as: feather powder, wool eggs, etc.; if it is caused by parasites, insect insects, use ivermectin or abamectin. Or eliminate intramuscular injection, or partially wipe tric-----

Fermentation feed feeding quail effect is good

Also known as Land Dragon and Qufu. Attending snakes, three insects, scorpion poison, kill worms. Turn it into water, treat typhoid, jaundice, fever, fever, and drinking water. It will go mud, with salt into water, the main day of all the heat, epilepsy in children, coated erysipelas, apply paint -----

Bamboo Rats Feed Sugar Cane Growing Fast in Winter

Both sugar cane and fruit cane are rich in sucrose, cellulose and mineral nutrients. They are used to feed bamboo rats during the cold period in winter. They can supplement energy and enhance the cold resistance of bamboo rats, making the bamboo rat in cold weather. As fast as it grows, it quickly-----

Primer concentration and TM value technique

Primer concentration calculation: Primers are stable at high concentrations. The primers are generally formulated to be 10-50 pmol/ul. In general, it is recommended to set the concentration of the primer to 50 pmol/ul, and the volume of water (microliter) is calculated as follows: V (microliter) =-----

Dysmenorrhea can not eat what food?

Many women face the problem of dysmenorrhea. To eliminate physical pain, one can rely on diet to regulate, not all foods will be eaten during menstruation period, then dysmenorrhea can not eat what? Here are some foods that are not suitable for menstrual period. 1, cold and cold food Women's-----