Which green stuff can't feed rabbits

One is that in any case, the following poisonous grasses and wild vegetables are not allowed: potatoes, tomato, larch, nasturtium, pasqueflower, deciduous azalea, wild ginger, grape vine, etc. Second, some green grass and vegetables are fed to rabbits at a certain stage of growth and development, a-----

Steering wheel feel to judge tractor failure

When the steering, braking, transmission system, and suspension devices of tractors (including automobiles) work normally, it is easy for the driver to hold the steering wheel. Sometimes the driver can loosen his hand for a short time and the vehicle can still run straight. If the above device malf-----

Grafting disease prevention technology of melon wilt di…

Fusarium wilt of melons is one of the main diseases in the production of melons and vegetables. After the planting, the incidence rate is generally 20-30%, and the serious land mass can reach 77-80%. The occurrence of wilt disease is a serious threat to the production of melon vegetables, especiall-----

Winter pigs pay attention to what issues

With the onset of winter, the external climate has undergone tremendous changes. Cold weather will cause severe cold stress on the pigs. If the management is not strengthened, pigs will slow down the growth rate or develop diseases, which will have a great impact on pig production. . The reporter i-----

Apple Qiao Ji dense planting modified spindle trimming …

The cultivation of the apple tree anvil is closely planted and cultivated using a plant spacing of 2 to 3 meters and a height of 3 to 4 meters after the ordinary Qiao rootstock (such as Malus edulis) is combined with the common variety. The tree used for this cultivation method is a free (or modifi-----

Talking about the sea silkworm breeding

The sea silkworm, commonly known as the sea bream, is a high-quality bait for fishing in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. It is in short supply in the international market and the price remains high. The purchase price in the domestic market reaches 14-20 yuan/kg. I. High-qua-----

Repair of upper plane of engine block water channel hol…

On the cylinder block of some types of engines, there are several small channel holes next to the cylinder liner, which are close to the cylinder liner. Due to the long-term corrosion and impact of the cooling water, the edges of the small channel holes often form defects, and the cylinder pad can -----