Several measures to prevent stiff pigs

In the process of breeding live pigs, there are many live pigs in response to the feeding of pigs. There are one or two dead pigs in each nest, commonly known as “small old pigs”. They are dull, dull, and have slow growth and growth, which seriously affect the uniformity and uniformity-----

This order of eating is healthier

Regardless of whether to eat in the restaurant or to visit other people, the order of eating seems to have become commonplace—first sweet drinks, and then focus on the fish main course and wine, eat half-saturated and then vegetables, and then eat the staple food, followed by the staple foo-----

Winter farm machinery antifreeze measures

Due to the cold weather in winter, there are many difficulties in the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery. The engine is difficult to start and the fuel consumption increases. It is prone to freezing and prone to traffic accidents. In order to improve the service life and economic effici-----

Who should definitely not eat hot pot

◆Who should not eat hot pot Sichuan hot pot: People with chronic pharyngitis, stomatitis, stomach problems, ulcers, skin diseases, acne, anal fissures, and frequent nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and those who are “thermopathic” or pregnant women should not eat. Seafood Hotpot: -----

How to prevent winter potato pests

Insect pests are not only the main factors affecting potato yield and quality, but many pests are also the spreaders of many viruses. Common insect pests in winter potato production in Yunnan include spotted flies, aphids, tigers, earthworms, potato ladybugs and cockroaches. Common pest damage sym-----

Piglet standard nursery bar design requirements

Piglet standard nursery bar design requirements (1) Each piglet accounts for 0.3 square meters of space. (2) 16-24 piglets per pen. (3) Each group of eight is separated by a partition. (4) One for every four places, accounting for 15 centimeters of space. (5) Leaky seam floors account for at -----

Winter dog health measures

This seemingly quiet season, in fact, there are many things that dogs need to know Ophthalmology: The four seasons must pay special attention. The dog's eye diseases are less likely to change due to the seasons. However, in the winter, some eye problems may occur due to changes in lifestyle a-----