90 kg explosion-proof scale +100 kg explosion-proof sca…

90 kg explosion-proof scale +100 kg explosion-proof scale = explosion-proof platform scale Intrinsically safe explosion-proof platform principle: When oxygen (air), explosive substances, and detonation sources (such as electric sparks, hot surfaces) are simultaneously pre-----

Five foods that cannot be eaten before going to bed

Whether you can sleep well at night or not and what you eat at night is very important. In the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic," there was a saying that "the stomach is uncomfortable and uneasy." Clinical nutritionists also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep dis-----

Drinking grape juice can effectively prevent heart dise…

French scientists have found that grape juice helps prevent heart disease, which is comparable to wine. Researchers at the University of Louis Pasteur in France have previously conducted studies on the effect of grape juice on the heart and announced that grape juice, like wine, can prevent heart-----

Experts count three common dietary errors

For health, many people follow various rumors about diet. However, in this age of information explosion, various nutritional suggestions are flooded with it, removing some factors such as misinformations by the public, misleading public opinions, misleading advertisements, certain objectively-allo-----

Edible bag ventilation 4 tips

The edible fungus bags are low in cost, high in efficiency, and easy to manage. They are a major way of producing edible fungi. However, when the pouches are planted, they are directly tied with a rope to cause poor ventilation, affect the germs, cause pollution, and even cause the cultivation to -----

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Autumn Chinese …

As the saying goes: the first radish, second volt mustard, the beginning of autumn cabbage. At present, it is time to plant the autumn cabbage, and it is timely to plant a good autumn cabbage to ensure high quality and high yield. The following are the main points for the cultivation techniques of-----

Maintenance knowledge points of high-speed centrifuge h…

The driving parts of high-speed centrifuges and ultra-high-speed centrifuges are high-speed motors. For high-rise motors, the general method of repairing ordinary motors can not be repaired. After repairing, it may not be able to be used for a long time. According to the domestic and foreign practic-----