Application case of servo on electric Han packaging mac…

I. Introduction AC servo drives are used in industrial applications with high precision, high speed and high efficiency. The PSDD series AC servo drive produced by Shenzhen Research Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is widely used in automation equipment such as CNC machine tools, spring machines, dri-----

Processing rabbit feed commonly used these three tricks

1 fried spices: in the winter can be sorghum, corn, beans and other fried crushed, this can increase the palatability and digestibility, increase feed intake. 2 Crush: feeds such as sorghum, corn, oats, barley, etc. must be crushed before feeding to improve digestibility. It is best to feed raw o-----

Prevention and treatment of peanut larvae in peanut fie…

User 320721001 Posts: In recent days, the local (Subei) peanut broke out on the bollworm, and the larvae were about 3 years old. The use of 3.2% avermectin (3.2%) per acre, 100% 1% methionine salt, etc. After 4 pm, the control effect is not very satisfactory, and the mortality rate is about 60%. I-----

"Machine transplanting" hand-planting field w…

158****4678 mobile phone sent a message: Will the machine plug the seedlings disk seedlings, after artificial planting, what herbicide is better? Answer: You can refer to the method of machine-planted paddy field and use quinclorac, fenyranyl, butachlor, pretilachlor and its combination with bens-----

Three Keys for Feeding Pheasants

Hatching pheasants (also known as pheasants) should produce eggs with the hatching eggs should be less use of domestic chickens to be hatched; eggs can be hatched. The pheasant's incubation period is 24 days. In the 1 to 20 days of its incubation period, the temperature should be controlled at-----

The introduction of the combination of broiler cage rai…

The application of this kind of rearing method combining broiler cage raising and flat raising is practiced throughout the country in the brooding period (out of the shell ~ 28 days old) and the cage raising is carried out. The fattening period (5 to 8 weeks old) is transferred to the ground level -----

Rat Flt-3 Ligand ELISA Kit Instructions for Use

Shanghai Xitang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 021-55229872, 65333639 Flt-3 ligand rats (Flt-3 Ligand) ELISA Kit Manual   ( used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids ) principle This experiment used double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA. The anti-rat Flt-3 Ligand mAb-----