High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Autumn Chinese Cabbage

As the saying goes: the first radish, second volt mustard, the beginning of autumn cabbage. At present, it is time to plant the autumn cabbage, and it is timely to plant a good autumn cabbage to ensure high quality and high yield. The following are the main points for the cultivation techniques of autumn cabbage:

The varieties with good fertilizer and water conditions were selected as high-, late-, and medium-maturing varieties; those with poor fertilizer and water conditions were selected as short and early-maturing varieties.

Fertilization and soil preparation shall be fine, combined with site preparation, 5000 kg of high-quality farmyard fertilizer per acre, 20 kg of diammonium or 50 kg of superphosphate, 25 kg of potassium sulfate or 30 kg of ternary compound fertilizer. After the site preparation, the ridge was 30 cm wide, 30 cm wide and 15 cm high.

Appropriate sowing of autumn Chinese cabbage sowing time is generally 1 ~ 2 days before and after the "Early Autumn", that is, August 8 or so, the premature disease is heavier, and the yield is reduced later. On the ridge, the planting distance is 40 centimeters from the planting distance.

The field management seedling period management sowing after pouring a water, see the weather after Dingmiao and then pouring a water in time to prevent high temperature and drought affect the growth of seedlings. Cultivate after watering or after rain.

Rosette period management Mu Shi human excrement 1000 kilograms or urea 10 kilograms, promptly watered after fertilization, later mastered the see see dry principle.

The ball-bearing period will be managed by a man-planted manure excrement 2000 kg or urea 15 kg, pouring water every 5 to 6 days, always keeping the soil moist and evenly supplying water. Stop watering 8 days before harvesting to avoid excessive moisture in the ball and cause rot.

Prevention and control of pests and diseases with virus No. 1 oil emulsion 500 times the virus disease prevention and control; with 40% 300 aluminum alfa phosphorus against the downy mildew; with 150PPm agricultural streptomycin sulfate control of soft rot. With 90% trichlorfon 100 times to prevent flea; with domestic 50% anti-influx 2000 times control aphids to prevent viral disease; BT emulsion control of cabbage caterpillar.

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