Five foods that cannot be eaten before going to bed

Whether you can sleep well at night or not and what you eat at night is very important. In the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic," there was a saying that "the stomach is uncomfortable and uneasy." Clinical nutritionists also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep disorders is eating some "unsuitable" food during dinner. So, what is good for sleep (sleep food) at night and what foods can make you sleepless?

One, caffeine

Many people know that caffeine-containing foods stimulate the nervous system and have a certain diuretic effect, which is a common cause of insomnia.

Second, spicy food

In fact, in addition to eating spicy food at dinner is also an important cause of sleep. Peppers, garlic (garlic foods), onions, etc. can cause burning sensations and indigestion in the stomach, which can affect sleep.

Third, greasy food

After eating greasy food, it will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulating the nerve center, allowing it to remain in working condition and insomnia.

Fourth, there is full of food

In addition, some foods produce more gas during digestion (digestion of food), which causes bloating and impedes normal sleep such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, and bananas.

Fifth, alcohol

Drinking before going to bed was once thought to promote sleep by many people, but recent studies have shown that although it can make people fall asleep quickly, it keeps sleep conditions in shallow sleep and it is difficult to enter deep sleep. Therefore, even if people who drink drink have a long sleep time, they will feel tired after waking up.

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