Edible bag ventilation 4 tips

The edible fungus bags are low in cost, high in efficiency, and easy to manage. They are a major way of producing edible fungi. However, when the pouches are planted, they are directly tied with a rope to cause poor ventilation, affect the germs, cause pollution, and even cause the cultivation to fail. The following four ventilation techniques are introduced:

One is the ventilation plug method. Using straw, cotton wool, sunflower stalks, and corn cobs as materials, two-piece ventilation plugs are made in the bag. It should be noted that wheat stalks and sunflower stalks should be cut into small pieces of 3 cm long; lint should be folded into a cotton column with one end of a flat, one-sided, fluffy hair; the corn cobs should be crushed into size and then wrapped in newspaper. The size of the plug depends on the size of the bacteria bag. The big bag has a big plug and the small bag has a small plug. It depends on the germination temperature. When the germination temperature is low, the plug can be smaller, and vice versa.

The second is the collar method. Trumpet ring can be purchased, and the tampon can be added after the mushroom bag is attached. If the bell mouth ring is not available, it can also be made by plastic strapping (cut into pieces, welded with a soldering iron into a ring), and the external kraft paper can be sealed with a rubber band. Note that the collar should be securely attached to prevent it from falling off.

The third is the vent method. Use a sewing machine needle to place a row of holes at a distance of 6 cm from the mouth of the bag. The hole distance is about 1 cm. When the material is loaded, the bacteria can be broadcast at the puncture hole. Zhakong should not be too much, and pay attention not to operate the bag in the hole, otherwise the bag is easy to crack during loading.

The fourth is the ventilation hole method. Using a thick tapered wooden stick with a thumb, three holes of 6 cm in depth are drilled in triangles on each side of the packing bag. A hole is then strung in the middle sowing spot and the bag is placed in a sterile room. Holes should be lighter and not too powerful.

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