Experts count three common dietary errors

For health, many people follow various rumors about diet. However, in this age of information explosion, various nutritional suggestions are flooded with it, removing some factors such as misinformations by the public, misleading public opinions, misleading advertisements, certain objectively-allowed dietary recommendations, and lack of knowledge about nutrition. Generate one-sided understanding. To this end, Dr. Jiang Zhuoqin, a doctoral tutor of the Department of Nutrition of the School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that there are three major misunderstandings in consumer awareness of food.

Misunderstanding 1 to partial

In the understanding of food, people often start from experience, seize a certain attribute of food, form a deep and solid judgment, and use this to quantify food, such as “fat leads to obesity” and “eat more vegetables to improve health”. In fact, eating too little fat or taking too many fruits and vegetables is harmful to the body. Many white-collar workers, in order to maintain their stature, eat large amounts of vegetables, and reduce or fasten meat and fish, not only affect the body's intake and absorption of essential fatty acids, high-quality protein, and cause protein malnutrition, but also hinder the absorption of abundant calcium from foraging. Iron and zinc and other nutrients.

Misunderstanding 2 due to defective food

People often refuse to eat because the food contains certain harmful substances. Actually, it is not necessary. For example, many people have recently talked about trans fatty acids and changed color, depending on trans fatty acid foods such as snake beasts, it is actually a misunderstanding. There are two main sources of trans-fatty acids, one produced during the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and the other during the digestion process of ruminants. Trans-fatty acids can be found in the meat and dairy products of cattle and sheep. More than 40% of processed foods contain trans-fatty acids and it is unlikely that they will be completely separated from them.

Misunderstanding 3, students apply hard

All countries have established a limited number of standards for harmful substances that may be present in foods - the allowable intake standard, that is, the daily intake of a chemical by human beings. There is a certain degree of difference in national standards, and the main reason for this difference is not whether nutrition science is advanced, but rather the difference in dietary structure among countries. Some domestic people use Western standards as a guide for their daily diet. Professor Jiang believes this is not science. For example, the health intake of trans-fatty acids has not been established in China so far. Professor Jiang believes that it is not advisable for Chinese residents to place too much emphasis on trans fatty acids at this stage. It is obviously more important to control the total intake of fat.

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