Drinking grape juice can effectively prevent heart disease

French scientists have found that grape juice helps prevent heart disease, which is comparable to wine.

Researchers at the University of Louis Pasteur in France have previously conducted studies on the effect of grape juice on the heart and announced that grape juice, like wine, can prevent heart disease.
This is because wines and grape juices, which are also extracted from grapes, are rich in polyphenols, potent antioxidants that help the body fight cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, polyphenols in grape juice can also cause endothelial cells to produce nitric oxide, maintain blood pressure and blood flow, and help fight heart disease.

For the new discovery of grape juice that can prevent heart disease, Dr. Hong Benlian of Kang Sheng Medical Center said that grape juice with high oxidants is believed to help heart disease. However, excessive drinking should not be done.

Grapes have high sugar content. If you drink more than 600 ml of grape juice a day, which is equal to two cans of canned drinks, you will absorb too much sugar and cause insulin secretion to be destroyed, causing diabetes and obesity.

Nutrition Consultant: Drink the best before meals

Dr. Chen Xiaorong, National Nutrition Consultant of the United States, believes that the vitamins A, D and E contained in grapes have antioxidant effects, can prevent cell aging and prevent arteriosclerosis, and thus help prevent heart disease.

She said that people who are weak, vulnerable to fatigue and anemia are all suitable for the intake of grapes. Grape juice is best taken before meals so that it can truly absorb the nutrition of the grapes.

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