Winter farm machinery antifreeze measures

Due to the cold weather in winter, there are many difficulties in the use and maintenance of agricultural machinery. The engine is difficult to start and the fuel consumption increases. It is prone to freezing and prone to traffic accidents. In order to improve the service life and economic efficiency of agricultural machinery, a series of effective measures for insulation and antifreeze should be adopted for agricultural machinery in the winter, mainly in the following four aspects:

1. Strengthen body insulation

1 Tractors and other agricultural machinery should be parked in a garage as much as possible to prevent them from being eroded by ice and rain. 2 start the engine to warm up in advance, the method is: fill the cooling system about 60 °C hot water, pause, release and then heat the water until the machine temperature to reach 40 °C above to start. 3 Cover the engine with insulation curtains and insulation sleeves. If necessary, use cardboard to block the wind. 4 Some engines equipped with organic oil radiators should be toggled to the "Winter" position so that the oil does not flow through the oil radiator.

2. Frost cracking machine parts

1 After the day's work is finished, the small throttle should be operated for a few minutes, and the standby temperature should be lowered before turning off and cooling water. Pay attention to not be able to operate with full throttle, full power, sudden flameout, and immediate release of water to prevent the body from cracking due to sudden cooling. When opening the water tank, open the water tank cover and all the drain switches. Make sure to put the net in the cold season. Antifreeze should be added to the cooling water. 3 Regularly release the water in the fuel tank to strictly prevent the water from mixing into the diesel oil to prevent the diesel from freezing. 4 Properly increase the proportion of battery electrolyte (to 1.28 ~ 1.31), use the method of charging to keep the battery in a fully charged state, so that the battery will not be too much loss due to low temperature capacitance and cracking battery shell.

3. Correct selection of oil

1 Because diesel contains paraffin components, when the temperature drops close to the freezing point of diesel (above 7°C or so), there is a precipitation of paraffin and the oil path is blocked. Therefore, the freezing point of the selected diesel should be higher than the ambient minimum temperature of 5 °C ~ 10 °C, you can choose low freezing point, good fluidity 0,-10,-20 light diesel oil. 2 For lubricating oil, on the basis of cleaning lubrication system, use winter lubricating oil with smaller viscosity or thickened engine oil. 3 In the hydraulic system, optional No. 40 hydraulic oil. 4 In order to reduce the viscosity of grease (commonly known as butter) and reduce the running resistance of the engine, a small number of greases should be used in winter.

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