How to feed fat to cows

The amount of fat fed to the appropriate dairy cow diet should not exceed 7% of dietary dry matter. Supplementary volume is generally 3% to 4%.

The amount of fat to be accurately added to the cow depends on the amount of milk fat synthesis. If a dairy cow produces 36 kilograms of milk per day, the butterfat rate is 3.5%, and the fat content per day is 1.27 kilograms. To maintain the cow's normal condition and continuous production level, 1.27 kilograms of fat should be added to the diet.

Do not use only one type of fat in the production of fat from different sources and types. For example, using soybean as the only fat in the diet will cause excess protein in the rumen, affecting the amount of feed intake; the daily intake of cottonseed cake exceeding 3.6 kg will cause gossypol poisoning, resulting in reduced visceral bleeding and reproductive function. Liquid fats are not suitable for the feed of lactating cattle.

Pay attention to the interaction of fat and roughage When adding fat, consider the type of roughage that makes up the diet. When silage corn is used as the main fodder, only the addition of cow and sheep oil can increase the milk production. When quail is fed with cotton, it can speed up the digestion of cotton cake.

Gradually increasing the amount of fat fed to the fat can avoid poor palatability. He began to feed 1/3 first, and fed the whole amount in 3 stages. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. You can gradually add fat during the dry period. It is best to add fat to the mixed diet and mix thoroughly with other ingredients.

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