The importance of vibration motor maintenance

Vibration motors are now widely used in vibration machinery, that is, the use of vibration motors covers hundreds of industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. The environment in which vibration motors work in different industries is different, so that vibration motors are used. Daily maintenance is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly observe the situation of the vibration motor in static and dynamic state, and find out the problem in time to avoid unnecessary damage, which will affect the work and unnecessary waste.

Static observation, before each operation of the equipment, use the small vertical head to knock the vibration of the grounding screw of the vibration motor. It is judged by visual inspection and the sound of the knocking. If there is looseness, the vibration motor will work. Uneven of the reaction force, it is easy to cause the motor to tear and burn.

Dynamic observation is the sound that listens to the vibration motor during its operation. If the sound is abnormal, it needs to stop and check in time. It is necessary to refuel according to the requirements of the manual. The bearing oil of the vibration motor is too much, too little is not conducive to the normal operation of the vibration motor. Exceptions should often be observed when the vibration motor is working in different environments, the temperature rise is too high. It also means that the vibration motor is not normal, and it will cause excessive damage to the motor if it is not repaired in time.

(Source: Xinxiang Hongda Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd.)

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