This order of eating is healthier

Regardless of whether to eat in the restaurant or to visit other people, the order of eating seems to have become commonplace—first sweet drinks, and then focus on the fish main course and wine, eat half-saturated and then vegetables, and then eat the staple food, followed by the staple food. Soup, and finally dessert or fruit... This publicly acknowledged meal order is actually the most unhealthy and nutritious.

What happens if we change the order of the meal?

Do not drink sweet drinks, sit first to eat fresh fresh fruit, and then on a small bowl of appetizer soup, then eat light vegetable dishes, fill the stomach in half; then on the staple food, and finally on the fish dishes, you can drink a little Alcohol.

In this way, people are less likely to ingest excessive amounts of fat, and they also have restrictions on eating large fish and large meat. It is easy to avoid the trouble of obesity; first, ensure enough dietary fiber, slow the digestion of staple foods and fats, and also help avoid The appearance of hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. In terms of the proportion of food categories, this order can control the intake of animal and other foods such as meat, ensure the intake of vegetables and fruits, provide large amounts of antioxidants, and maintain acidic and alkaline foods. Balance.

In contrast, although western foods also promote soup before meals, they drink hot, thick soups, few vegetables, few staple foods, and desserts after dinner, which is far less than eating Chinese foods.

Comparing with Chinese residents' dietary pagodas, vegetables and staple foods should be consumed daily, and animal foods and oils should be taken in the least. It is reasonable to place them at the end of the meal order. This way, it's just a small change in the order of meals; it's a big effect for a healthy life. Everyone might try.

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