How to prevent winter potato pests

Insect pests are not only the main factors affecting potato yield and quality, but many pests are also the spreaders of many viruses. Common insect pests in winter potato production in Yunnan include spotted flies, aphids, tigers, earthworms, potato ladybugs and cockroaches. Common pest damage symptoms and prevention methods are as follows:

Liriomyza is a peak period of the endangerment of Liriomyza infestation from March to April. After the damage of Liriomyza huidoides, the leaves of the plants evaporate and dehydrate through the spawning feeding hole, which accelerates the death of the potato plant leaves. If a large number of adults move into the potato field and harm, if they do not do prevention and control, only 7 to 10 In a matter of days, the whole potato can be killed and dies. Prevention and control measures: Adjust the planting structure of the crops, and plant or not plant sensitive plants such as broad bean in the spring around the potato planting areas to reduce the number of insects; focus on prevention and control of potato potato growing period and expansion of potato blocks in spring. Adults, larvae take into account, to prevent adult-based. The use of 1.8% of avermectins such as chlorfenadole, 1.8% of edestin and 90% of insecticidal dandruff powder is used alternately, once every 6 to 7 days, even for 5 to 6 times, effective Control the damage of Liriomyza.

The locust sucks plant sap, curls the leaves, consumes a lot of nutrients, and destroys the photosynthesis of the leaves. It also spreads the virus, which has a great influence on the production of the potato. During the growing season of the potato in spring, the climate is dry, which is conducive to a large number of aphids. Control methods: chemical control, with 2.5% bifenthrin EC or 10% of the WP, such as spray 70% of locust pine 1500 times, you can add washing powder to ablate the secretion of aphids Wax, the effect is better; in the period of migration can be coated with oil on the yellow board to kill.

Earthworms can harm the roots of potatoes during their entire reproductive period, and adults can damage the aerial parts of potatoes. Control methods: chemical control, use 50% phoxim emulsion 1500 times before spraying the soil surface before turning the soil; organic base fertilizer must be thoroughly decomposed before application; pay attention to the crop; serious landmass occurrence, can be used 2 times The water method is simple and effective.

Ground tigers suffer the most serious damage every spring (from March to April). Control methods: Clean the pasture, timely eradicate field weeds, larvae before the third instar spray 100 times trichlorfon on the ground; potato seedlings unearthed, the larvae into the 3rd infiltrated subterranean soil, can be used to chop vegetables 50 kg plus Twenty-five kilograms of 2% trichlorfon solution were mixed and dispersed into the field in the evening to seduce.

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