Several measures to prevent stiff pigs

In the process of breeding live pigs, there are many live pigs in response to the feeding of pigs. There are one or two dead pigs in each nest, commonly known as “small old pigs”. They are dull, dull, and have slow growth and growth, which seriously affect the uniformity and uniformity of the piglets, and affect the overall slaughter rate and economic efficiency of the pigs.

First, the reasons for stiff pigs are as follows:

1, improper feeding and management of pregnant sows, lack of nutrition, so that the growth and development of the fetus blocked, resulting in congenital deficiency, the formation of fetal stiffness.

2. The feeding and management of lactating sows is poor. Sows have no milk or lack of milk, which affects the growth and development of piglets during lactation and causes fetal rigidity.

3, piglets repeatedly or repeatedly affected the normal growth and development of piglets, the formation of "disease."

4, piglets eat too late, poor feed, poor piglet material quality, so that piglets grow slowly and become stiff pigs.

5, some inbreeding and messy distribution piglets, poor growth ability, poor development, easy to form a stiff pig.

Second, to prevent the production of stiff pigs several measures:

1. Strengthen the feeding and management of sows during pregnancy and lactation to ensure the supply of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, so that piglets develop well in the embryonic stage. After being born, you can eat enough milk to ensure that piglets grow rapidly and develop well during lactation.

2, do a good job of raising and nursing piglets, create a suitable temperature conditions, early food, feed at the right time, and to ensure the quality of piglets, to meet the nutritional needs of piglets rapid growth and development.

3, do a good job piglets sanitation and disinfection work, so that the cage is dry and clean, fresh air.

4, timely removal of piglets in vitro and in vivo parasites, can effectively prevent the slow growth caused by parasites. Early detection and early treatment of infected piglets should be conducted in a timely manner and appropriate effective measures should be taken in time to avoid repeated infections and shorten the course of the disease.

5. Avoid inbreeding and stealing sows to ensure the quality of their offspring.

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