The correct use of pesticides

The use of pesticides must follow: (1) Select the appropriate pesticide according to different control targets. (2) According to the occurrence of the control object, determine the application time. (3) Grasp the amount of effective medication and apply it in a timely manner. (4) According to the characteristics of pesticides, choose the appropriate method of application.

The commonly used methods of spraying are the following:

1. Spraying method: It is the most commonly used method of spraying pesticides for controlling crop pests and diseases in agricultural fields. The sprayed pesticides are used to dilute the pesticide preparations used in liquid form and then added to the surface of the crops to form a medicinal film to achieve the purpose of controlling pests. Nebulizers require sprayers, water, and good water quality.

2, dusting method: It is using a duster to generate wind to spray pesticide powder onto the surface of crops. It is suitable for water shortage areas and has high ergonomics, but its powder adhesion is poor, and it is highly volatile. The control effect is generally not as good as the spraying method and it is easy to pollute the environment.

3, pouring pouring method: is the amount of EC. Wettable powders or liquids, etc., diluted with water, stirred well, poured water onto the plants or sprayed with water. It is mainly used for the prevention and control of pests in rice fields. The water consumption is 2-3 times more than that for spraying and it is not suitable for the prevention and control of most diseases.

4, spread method: apply to the application of granules and toxic soil. When producing poisonous soil, when the agent is a powder, it can be directly mixed with the fine soil according to a certain number of parts. When the liquid agent is used, the agent is diluted with a small amount of water, and then sprayed onto the fine soil with a sprayer to mix and control the plant. The pests should be carried out when the fog is dry. Prevention and control of underground pests should be carried out after the fog is dry. For highly toxic pesticides, poisonous soils cannot be used for spreading.

5. Soil treatment method: In combination with ploughing, the pesticide is applied to the ground by means of spraying, dusting or spreading, and then turned into the soil layer. It is mainly used to control underground pests, nematodes, soil-borne diseases and insects in soil.蛹, also used for inhalation application, absorbed by the roots, transmitted to the ground of the crop, and control pests and pathogens on the ground.

6, seed dressing method: a certain amount of pesticides and seeds mixed in proportion after sowing, can be pre-treated attached to the seeds of the bacteria and the underground pests and seedling disease.

7, seedling impregnation method: the use of a certain concentration of liquid impregnation method of seedling seedlings, the general application of pesticides as water solvents and EC, used to control the pathogen attached to the seedlings on the seedlings. Immersion seedlings should strictly control the liquid concentration, temperature and immersion time to avoid phytotoxicity.

8. Poison bait and poison valley method: The pesticides with stomach poisoning and the baits and grains that pests like to eat are mixed well and applied on the ground to prevent pests from harming the ground. The preparation of poison valley should first fry the grain or Cook it half-cooked and let it dry before mixing.

9. Fumigation method: It uses the toxic gas produced by volatile pesticides to prevent and control pests and diseases. It is mainly used for pest control in soils, greenhouses, greenhouses, warehouses and other places.

10. Smoke smoke method: The main application of smoke pesticides is to ignite pesticides and ignite smoke in the air. It plays a role in preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests. It is mainly used to control pests and diseases in confined places such as greenhouses, greenhouses, and warehouses.

11, smear method: The pesticide with systemic absorption is formulated into a high-concentration liquid, applied to the stems, leaves, growth points and other parts of the plant, and is mainly used for controlling pests and drillability with sucking and sucking mouthparts. Pests can also be applied with a certain infiltration of bactericide to prevent fruit tree disease.

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