Shrimp new method: high-density shrimp does not change water without medicine

Professor Wei Ling of Shanghai Fisheries University returned to Shanghai from Urumqi, Xinjiang, and brought good news at the same time: Four months ago, Penaeus vannamei seedlings that had been shipped from the sea have grown up to ten in a water-free, drug-free environment. A few centimeters long, it will be available soon. The local authorities have decided to build a 200-mu aquaculture base and promote this water-saving, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly shrimp farming method.

The key technology research project of agriculture through science and technology led by Qi Weiling and Dai Xilin “Shrimp greenhouse intensive and healthy aquaculture technology

"Development and research", the technology is unique in the country: usually open-breeding about 50,000 to 100,000 shrimp per acre of water surface, and the project can achieve 500,000 shrimp per acre in the water; according to the traditional culture method, in the hot season every day To change the water by more than 50%, the project's breeding base can completely replace the water within four months, and this high-density breeding method has an advantage that it does not require any drugs to be administered.

How is this achieved? The author made a study at the production, research and research base under the Jinshan Gallery of Shanghai Fisheries University.

Excellent water quality is the key to shrimp farming. A major task of the task force is to create “artificial wetlands” that allow water to form a self-purification function. This technology has been applied for national patent protection. The reporter saw that the “constructed wetland” here is a piece of mesh that is vertically suspended in water like a fishing net. Above it is aquatic plants such as aquatic plants, and suspended materials that absorb suspended matter in water. The biofilm formed on the mesh is equivalent to a "biological filter" that can convert harmful substances in water into harmless substances. Another trick is that they use a few wheel-type aerators to create a "runway-type flow" in the pool, which causes the shrimp's excrement and bait to automatically sink to the bottom of the pool and fall into specialized drainage channels.

The author saw that some white shrimps in South America are seven centimeters long, with transparent shrimps and active eating. Professor Qiu said that these are all signs of health, and that there is an emphasis on "software" management. In the beginning, technicians were required to “distribute” natural river water. They need to regulate salinity, remove various harmful substances, and kill some microorganisms. Then, in the growth process of shrimp, according to its clam shell status, exercise capacity, food intake, etc., timely adjustment of feeding, regulation of water temperature, light, dissolved oxygen content and other indicators. If shrimp is not sick, it is not necessary to put drugs.

This intensive farming technique also has a simple model. Professor Chung said that farmers only need to invest in simple hardware equipment. The key is management. At present, she and the technicians are already working out the breeding regulations. In the future, the farmers will only need to follow the instructions. At present, this shrimp farming technology has entered industrial farming stage in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Urumqi.

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