Israel develops anti-nematode transgenic banana

Israel’s Rahan Meristem Biotech has successfully completed field trials of genetically modified bananas that test the resistance of genetically engineered bananas to numerous pathogenic nematodes. Nematodes are one of the most devastating pests on the crop. Although nematicides can effectively control nematode damage, they also cause environmental pollution and have been banned by most countries in the world.

Rahan Meristem Biotech is currently working on many aspects of molecular breeding engineering research. In addition to bananas, the company researches a variety of other fruit crops, including apricots, apples, avocados, olives, and strawberries.

    This classification summarizes the Organic Spirulina produced by our own factory in northwestern of China .     

    We have advanced equipment and strict quality control system to ensure the quality and production.

    Organic Spirulina

    The products under the classification are:

    1. Organic Spirulina Powder .

    2. Organic Spirulina Tablets .

    Various parameter specifications of our product:

    Naturland Certified ; CERES certified .
    EU & NOP standard ; Kosher & Halal Available .
    Low heavy metals & Micro Contents , Low & Stable PAH4 Level , 
    PAH4 value is less than 10 ppb .Low microorganismsNon-Irradiation , 
    Non GMO , Gluten Free , Allergen Free , Pesticides Free .
    Own Factory :  Manufacture in northwest of China . Legitimacy , Regularity , Cultural .
    Own Lab : Quality control and Product development . Strictly , Creativity , Responsibility .

    YIJIAN Company

    About Company
    Yanchi County Yijian Biotechnol Co.,Ltd
    was founded in Dec 2012 , 
    by Mr. Dezhi Zhang , 
    the legal representative of the company . 
    Company registered capital is 10 million RMB . 
    The main business sectors are culture , processing , internal sales , import and export trade of organic spirulina and Organic Chlorella products . 
    Yijian is known globally as one of the major suppliers of microalgae products across the world . 
    Annual production rate is 600 Mt . 
    Average annual sales income is around 5 million dollar .

Organic Spirulina

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