How to feed pigs with chicken manure

Feeding pigs with chicken manure is a source of feed. It is a good way to use biofermentation and sterilization. It has less investment, good efficiency, and is simple and easy to implement. However, eggs contain harmful substances and parasite eggs (coccidial, nematode), faecal olfactory hormones, quinones, purines, cells shed by the intestinal mucosa, fibers that have not been digested, crude protein and trace elements, and microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye. , need to be processed before feeding the pig.
1, piled fermented chicken droppings drying to Qi Chenggan, stacked square set up, stamped plastic film, pressure, heat 4 to 8 days, so that the temperature reached 75 ~ 85 °C, and maintain 48 to 96 hours to kill The pathogenic microorganisms such as the bacteria, parasite eggs, and mycoplasma in the chicken manure are then opened to air and bagged for storage, which is both easy to store and easy to handle.
2. Feeding Pigs Directly According to the test, each pig can feed 1.5 kg of chicken manure daily, plus 1 kg of hay and 0.5 kg of corn. In order to prevent cross-infection of pig diseases and chicken diseases, regular disinfectant powders (sodium hypochlorite or potassium permanganate) should be fed to kill microorganisms in chicken manure.
3, thermal spray disinfection of qualified power plant can be used to generate electricity waste heat after drying and storage. You can also use the dryer to dry the chicken manure to half dry (moisture content 40%), and then mix with special fermentation special bacteria, mix and ferment for 5 to 6 days, set aside.
Chicken manure is the best for chicken manure. It is both dry and clean. It eliminates the hassle of drying and directly incorporates full-priced ingredients. Mixing and feeding pigs works best.
First, we should pay attention to disinfection, cut off the source of infection, remove odors. Deodorizers, lactic acid bacteria, zeolite poisons and the like can be added. Secondly, pigs should stop feeding chicken manure for 4 days before slaughter, feeding green and green feeds and aromatic feeds, so that the pork does not have the specific taste left over from chicken manure.
The first addition of chicken manure should be mixed with 70% compound feed, and then gradually increase the amount of chicken manure to reduce the amount of compound feed, to prevent a large amount of increase, so that pigs do not adapt to food and refuse to affect the increase in weight.
Author: Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry Inspection Station

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