Soil testing and fertilizer application

Soil testing and formula fertilization technology refers to the timely mastery of soil fertility status through soil tests. According to the requirements of different crops and the requirements of agricultural production, the application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, trace elements and other fertilizers in an appropriate proportion of balanced application , improve fertilizer nutrient utilization, promote agricultural production of high yield, high quality and high efficiency of a scientific fertilization method.
First, technical points.
1. Soil samples were collected and sampled according to different utilization methods and different soil types such as paddy fields, dry lands, vegetable fields, and forestry tea farms. Take one sample for every 200 mu of flat land and one for each 100 mu of mountain. For each soil sample, within the area of ​​the representative area, select 5 to 10 points represented by “snakes” or “plum blossoms” as sampling points, and collect 0.1–0.2 kg of soil (0–20 cm) vertically at each point. Mixing is the soil samples taken, each weighing 0.5-1 kg. Samples have one tag built in and one plugged in. Samples should be taken before fertilizing the crops, and the pits and strips should be avoided by fertilizing the ditch and acupuncture points.
2. Investigation of basic conditions in the field Record the crops, yield levels, fertilization levels, soil types and sampling locations of the sampled field (field) blocks.
3. Analysis of soil samples Analyze the soil nutrient properties to be determined according to the relevant national standards, standards or soil analysis technical specifications, including soil organic matter, pH, alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, available boron, and available zinc.
4. Formulate a reasonable regional balanced fertilization plan Based on the basic information and data adopted, establish a basic information database for soil and fertilizer and water in our region, apply the soil testing formulation balanced fertilization expert system software to analyze and process the basic information data, and use the village as a unit to formulate different villages. Balanced fertilization plan for different crops of cultivated land type. In view of the current situation of farmland soil and fertilizer in our region, the overall balanced fertilization plan is “addition of organic fertilizer and potash fertilizer, supplementation with boron and zinc and other micronutrients, and appropriate reduction of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers”.
5, fertilization guidance to farmers technical training lectures and printed soil testing and fertilizer notification. Before the farmers purchase fertilizer and fertilize, technical personnel are asked to conduct technical training lectures to farmers and village leaders to improve the understanding of soil testing, fertilizer application technologies and technical and physical products, as well as to recommend the use of soil testing formulas and balanced fertilization schemes. , The technology will be sent to the households and the farmers will be instructed to purchase and use high-quality formula fertilizers (BB fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, etc.). At the same time set up to hold demonstrations of field experiments for farmers to observe the scene.
Second, increase production and income effects. According to the soil testing formula, the balanced fertilization method of fertilization can effectively improve the status of soil nutrients, promote the balanced supply of soil nutrients, increase the utilization rate of fertilizers and economic benefits, and promote the stable and high yield of crops. The nutrient utilization rate of fertilizers in the current season can be increased by about 5% to 15%, and the crops can be increased by more than 8%, and the average harvest rate of Muping can be increased by more than 50 yuan.
Third, suitable to promote the region. The entire area of ​​cultivated land, tea gardens, pastures and meadows are suitable for popularization and application.

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