Rape Live Technology

Rapeseed is the most competitive crop in the domestic and foreign markets for the bulk of crop products in the city. It is not only a good raw material for people's food oil, but also an energy crop that replaces biodiesel. It has strong adaptability, large planting potential, and high potential for yield increase. The variety resources are abundant. The development of rapeseed production is beneficial to increase the income of farmers and the efficiency of enterprises is increased.

Rape live broadcasting is one of the contents of rape cultivation. The rapeseed no-tillage live broadcast (drilling), ploughing live broadcast (drilling), and cotton forest planting (drilling) have the effects of labor saving and animal husbandry. About 3 artificial animals can be saved per mu and about 2 livestock laborers can It is a practical technology for sustainable development that is conducive to the realization of labor transfer projects, and that it can also seize the seasons and sowing seeds, that is, it can increase the yield of rapeseed and save production costs.

The rapeseed broadcast must master the following technologies:

1. Seeding period: The suitable period for rapeseed direct seeding is from September 20th to October 10th. The best period is from the end of September to the beginning of October.

2. Variety selection: Zhongshuang No.9, Zhongshuang No.8, Zhongshuang No.10, Zhongshuang No.4 and other seeds with good quality and low price are the preferred varieties for live broadcasting. The selection of live hybrids should be performed in late September.

3, the amount of seeding: rapeseed direct seeding amount per acre amount of control in the 500-600 grams, in case of severe drought can increase the amount of seed.

4, sowing method: Live rape can be used before the rain or after a good port after the rain, after sowing can be appropriate to cover the straw insulation, can also be used mechanical sprayer for mechanical sowing.

5. Fertilizer application: No-tillage rapeseed can be top-dressed mainly by fertilization. The top-fertilizer can be used for ploughing direct-seeded rapeseed. There are 20 kilograms of Spike rich compound fertilizer and 600 g of high-quality borax for top dressing.

6. Seedling management: After emergence of rapeseed, the seedlings will be sparsely seedlings, and the seedlings will be piled and crowded with seedlings. The seedlings will be 2-3 leaves, the leaves will not be placed, the leaves will be 4-5 leaves, and the seedlings will not be seedlings, per square meter. Leave about 20 (fat fields stay, stay thin, stay dry, stay dry, stay late).

7, pest control: Rape seedlings mainly aphids, cabbage caterpillars and other damage, when the prevention and control standards should be used to select timely chemical control, nurturing strong seedlings. (Hubei Dangyang Agricultural 110 Service Center)

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