November to raise orchids

First, this month there is a winter (7 or 8), light snow (22 or 23) two seasons, the average monthly temperature of about 11c. This month, orchids can be full sun without shading, which is beneficial to the cultivation of rigid and strong grass, which will help strengthen the disease resistance of orchids and help buds sprout early in the coming year. There is a chill in the morning and evening of this month. The morning frost has come one after another. We must do a good job of anti-frost work. At night we can pull shade nets to block it. At the same time, there may be a strong cold current in the month and a low-temperature frost phenomenon may occur. Pay attention to the weather forecast and take protective measures. If there is a strong cold current, you may enter the house in advance.

Second, clean up the blue room, under normal circumstances Lanyuan in the back of the house in the beginning of this month, because the sun can not move into the room, and the orchids located in front of the house, according to the temperature extended to late into the house. However, in the event of a cold spell, burglary measures must be taken in advance to avoid victimization.

Third, has entered the house of orchids, to try to allow orchids to withstand full light, and pay attention to the ventilation of the blue room, when the cold flow to close the window, once the weather turns fine, the temperature rise, you need to open the window ventilation. No matter how cold the weather is, there is no need for warming as long as the room does not contain ice. Must follow the growth of orchids, the appropriate temperature allows orchids to sleep, is conducive to the normal growth of orchids, is conducive to the cultivation of strong grass and flowering.

Fourth, the orchids that have entered the house should be allowed to hibernate, do not interfere with humans, and absolutely prohibit the use of roots for fertilization so as to avoid the occurrence of rot. However, spraying foliar phosphorus fertilizer or biological fertilizer can be carried out as usual. The time is good in the morning. Due to the low temperature and slow evaporation, the amount should not be too large, so as not to infiltrate the heart of the leaves and cause decay.

Fifth, due to the high temperature of the blue house, pests and diseases are still being harmed. In order to eradicate hidden diseases and insect pests, insecticide sterilization still needs to be carried out 2 to 3 times, and the time is also sprayed in the morning.

Sixth, in the middle and early months of this month, bluegrass is still growing. The pots should not be too dry. The “Run” should be better, but the watering should be carried out in the sunny morning. The water temperature should be similar to the room temperature. The amount of water should not be too large due to the hibernation of orchids. Water must not be too hard to prevent rot.

Seven, indoor Lanfang should pay attention to maintain a certain degree of humidity, it is best to reach more than 60%, do not make too dry to affect the blue plant. The method of maintaining the humidity is as follows: First, water is often sprayed on the indoor floor; Second, a pool is set under the blue shelf; Third, a conditional automatic humidifier is installed.

Eighth, this month, it is still possible to turn pots and introduce seeds. The work that has not yet completed the potting work must be completed in the middle and early stages. This is beneficial to the restoration of the bluegrass, so that the buds will grow early in the next year.

From September to December, it entered the cold winter season. It is necessary to prepare for winter cold and to welcome the arrival of cold winter.

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