Spring musk rat breeding

In the spring, when the mating squirrels are ready for mating and in the early stage of mating, in order to ensure the normal conduct of breeding, breeding should be done as follows:

First, formulate a reasonable diet, using only the breeding period of musk rat refined feed, add the necessary vitamins and other additives, a comprehensive examination of the mice's body condition and male and female mates,

Second, strive to provide water to the pool early and do preventive work. At this time, before the water is released, the water can be fed directly with olaquindox powder to the human feed, and can be mixed and fed.

Third, the diet should ensure that there are enough protein and vitamins a, b, d. Feeding amount should be controlled flexibly. In general, musk rat does not appear to be over-fertilized. At this time, the amount of concentrate should be given enough. No food is left in the food table of musk rat. Concentrates should be boiled with tap water or tap water. Generally by hand to clump together, after the release of the natural spread is appropriate, so as to avoid the musk rat will concentrate into the nest room long-term storage deterioration mold. In order to ensure a healthy body condition during the breeding season, diets are mainly based on roughage. Northern regions are fed with cabbage, carrots and willow branches; southern regions are filled with grassy buds, willow branches, supplemented with cabbage, carrots and a small amount of green onions (10 Grams around). In late spring, the tender young grass instead of vegetables can further promote the development of sexual function, but also to the musk rat breeding and breeding signals, favorable breeding. However, it is necessary to increase or decrease according to the amount of musk rat food. The conditional person may add a drinking fountain on the surface of the sports net. Generally, the concentrate feed is fed at 3-4 pm, and the food is flexibly supplemented according to eating conditions at 8 am.

Fourth, during the breeding period, attention should be paid to observation. It is obvious that the mating muskrat mating (tweet, chase, and climb) must be recorded on a litter-by-litter basis, and must not be mis-reported or missed in order to verify whether the womb-squirrel has returned to estrus after 30 days. Breeding (blood with). Nutrition at this time should be strengthened, the best cattle, goat milk feed mixed feed, add some malt properly, is conducive to musk mice multiple litters.

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