Oat leaf spot

Symptoms are also known as stripe blight. Distributed in various oat producing areas in China. The main damage leaves and leaf sheaths. In the initial stage of the disease, the lesions were immersed in water, gray-green, with a size of 1–20.5–1.2 (mm), and gradually changed from light brown to reddish brown with purple edges. There was a wide circle of yellow halos around the lesions, and the lesions continued to expand to 7-252-4 (mm) in the later stages, which were irregular stripe spots. In severe cases the lesions fuse into pieces and dry down from the tips of the leaves. In the oat area of ​​southern China, the disease often occurs in combination with rust, which has a large impact on the yield.

The pathogen Drechslera avenae (Eidam) Shoemaker Helminthosporium avenae (Eidam) called D. graminum, a fungus belonging to the genus Deuteromycotina. The sexual state is Pyrenophora avenae Eidam Ito et Kuib. Ovobacillus oats is an Ascomycete subphylum fungus. Conidiophores 1–4 roots, solitary or clustered, with 3–8 septa, ca. 65–21065–12 (μm); conidiophores terete, rounded at both ends, pale tan, with 3–9 diaphragms The umbilical cord is concave, with a size of 65-13015-20 (μm). The daughter capsule is flask-shaped, buried under the epidermis, and often with epiphytic spores on the outer wall. Coccus sticks, size 250-40035-45 (μm), containing 2-8 ascospores. Ascospores oval, with 3-6 diaphragms, 1-4 longitudinal diaphragms, light yellow-brown, size 45-7015-25 (μm).

Transmission routes and conditions of disease The pathogens in Yunnan and Guizhou are overwintering on gown capsules, conidia or mycelium on diseased or diseased seeds. In the spring of the following year, conidiospores were invaded from young tissues, and conidiospores were generated again after the onset of the infection. The soil temperature is low, the humidity is high, and the seedling stage is susceptible to disease. In the growing season, the incidence of wet weather is heavy.

In areas where the prevention method is heavy, the spraying of 36% thiophanate-methyl suspension 500-600 times or 50% carbendazim wettable powder 800-times, 50% benomyl wettable powder begins at the beginning of onset. 1500 times, control 1 or 2 times.

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