3M electronic stethoscope won the "2009 best scientific and technological achievements" in the "Technology Times" magazine

3M, a Fortune 500 company known for its diversified technologies and innovations, today announced that its 3M(TM) Littmann(R) electronic stethoscope from the Medical Products Division has been selected for the popular science magazine "Popular Science". For the "2009 Best Health and Technological Achievements in Health". The advent of the product marks the first major upgrade of the stethoscope invented in the past two centuries.

Debra Rectenwald, vice president of prevention and infection at 3M, said, "The 3M(TM) Littmann(R) electronic stethoscope is a big step in changing the way clinicians identify heart abnormalities. The award recognizes the spirit of innovation. The development of 3M has opened up a new path for the advancement of health care."

John Kallassy, ​​CEO of Zargis Medical, said, "3M and Sargis have teamed up to turn traditional electronic stethoscopes into advanced medical tools that replace doctors' guesses about heart murmurs and improve diagnostic capabilities. Cardioscan software breakthroughs in medical technology Its application reduces unnecessary medical referrals and improves diagnostic results."

3M's 3M(TM) Littmann(R) Electronic Stethoscope is the first electronic stethoscope to use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit signals from the heart, lungs and other body organs to a computer used by doctors, and in real time via Cardioscan software. The sound curve is displayed on the computer screen to more accurately reveal the possible abnormalities in the patient's heart. The software then analyzes the sonic curve and highlights the details of the anomalous portion of the unwanted noise. The doctor can reduce the playback speed by half to analyze the problem more carefully, save the file to the patient's test results, and email it to the cardiologist to confirm the diagnosis. Not only does this system accurately capture dangerous murmurs, but it also reduces the cost of more expensive ECG exams and the need for unnecessary cardiologists.

Mark Jannot, editor-in-chief of The New Era of Technology, said, "For 22 years, the New Era of Technology has been in recognition of the innovations that have surprised us. These products have a positive impact on our world today and change our vision for future development. The 'Best Technology Achievement Award' is the highest honor of our magazine. These 100 winners are among the best among the millions of candidates, representing the highest achievements in their field of technology."

This is the second consecutive year that 3M products have won the top honor of the "New Age of Technology" magazine. In 2008, 3M's handheld projector MPro 100 won the "Technology New Age" magazine appliance product award.

About 3M Company

3M is an internationally recognized pioneer in research and development. Based on the development and interactive use of more than 40 superior technology platforms, 3M has developed thousands of innovative products to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of market segments. With more than 75,000 employees in more than 60 countries and territories, 3M has a turnover of more than $25.3 billion in 2008.

About 3M China

3M China Co., Ltd. was incorporated in China in November 1984. It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China established outside the special economic zone. At present, 3M has established 12 companies, 8 production bases, 25 offices, 3 technical centers and 1 research and development center in China with more than 5,700 employees.

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