Talking about the drawbacks in the construction and feeding management of large-scale pig farmhouses

In recent years, new changes have taken place in the pig-breeding industry, which has shifted from conventional traditional free-range farming to large-scale farming. Many new breeders of pigs have emerged throughout the country, but they have not paid enough attention to the construction and feeding management of the pens. There are many drawbacks in the practice of production.

First, the drawbacks of the construction of sheds

Many pig farmers are eager to seek success, pursue less investment and have quick results. Blindly building barracks is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1 Maintenance or reconstruction of old pigs in residential areas of farmers, due to the frequent movement of workers, prevention and control of live pig diseases It is very difficult. Once human-animal communicable diseases have occurred, the health of both humans and animals will face serious threats. At the same time, it will pollute the air and affect environmental sanitation. 2 Some professional households built bar houses before and after the village or on the roadside, and the harm was the same as above. 3 Some of them are built far away from villages and highways, but the site selection and construction of the fences do not meet the requirements for raising pigs. For example, if the site is poorly ventilated or cold in summer or hot in summer, the water source is not good. Closed type (with poor ventilation) will seriously affect the growth and development of pigs, and it is also susceptible to various diseases. 4 No septic tanks have been built, and manure has become turbulent. It has seriously polluted the environment and can easily cause various diseases.

Recommendation 1 should be built in a place far from the village and the traffic arteries, adequate water, good ventilation, cool in winter and cool in summer, north to south. 2 The pighouse (mainly refers to fattening pig houses) can be made of bricks on the outside wall, and the long sides can be built with 1.2 to 1.5 meters high. The tarpaulin can be installed on it to facilitate the coiling to adjust the ventilation volume. The house can be built in a double column. The area of ​​each bar should be about 10m2, and it can raise 10 finishing pigs. 3 It is necessary to build a storage room and a keeper's life room, and a disinfection and locker room. A disinfection pool shall be set up at the entrance and exit of the site, and the disinfectant shall be replaced frequently.

Second, the drawbacks of feeding and management

Some large-scale swine specialized households still do not know how to manage pigs scientifically. They are manifested in the following aspects: 1 The concept of prevention and control of the disease is weak, the vaccination is not comprehensive, the keeper is not strictly sterilized on the farm, and the pig farm import and export does not have a disinfection pool. There is no regular disinfection of the barn. 2 It does not pay attention to the nutritional needs of pigs at all stages. It only seeks to feed and uses cheap feed, which results in slow growth of pigs and prolongs feeding time. 3 Since the practice of self-cultivation and self-cultivation has not been practiced, pigs have purchased from foreign markets, and they have not conducted isolation and observation after purchase. This can easily introduce various diseases. 4 Most pig farmers do not understand animal husbandry and veterinary knowledge.

Proposal 1 Scale pigs should select good provenances to achieve self-cultivation. If it is really necessary to purchase from outside, we must ask the professional and technical personnel to go to the non-epidemic area to purchase together. After the pig is shipped back, it will be isolated and kept for two weeks before entering the farm for rearing. 2 Strictly do prevention and control of epidemic diseases, earnestly inoculate vaccines for compulsory immunization, and inoculate other related vaccines as needed; regularly carry out deworming; regularly disinfect fields and pens, usually once per week; daily cleaning Housing, manure fermentation or septic tank processing. 3 According to the nutritional requirements of the pigs at various stages of growth, select the regular feed manufacturers produce feed, timing, quantitative feeding, but also in accordance with nutritional standards from the feed. Give enough water to drink. 2 to 3 automatic drinkers are installed in each column.

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