Preparation of long-term fertilizer for spring planting

Long-acting fertilizer, also known as slow-effect fertilizer, is a type of chemical fertilizer with low solubility or slow nutrient release and long-lasting fertilizer effect. It is usually divided into synthetic slow-dissolving organic nitrogen fertilizer, synthetic slow-soluble inorganic fertilizer and coated fertilizer.

1. Long-acting fertilizer Compared with common chemical fertilizers, the characteristics of long-acting fertilizers are mostly applied to basal fertilizers. Applying them once can meet the nutrient requirements of the whole growing period of crops without top-dressing, which saves labor and solves the late stage of crop growth. Top dressing troubles.

2. When the application amount is large, the crops are not prone to burning seedlings, leggy, lodging, etc.

3, the selection of long-acting fertilizer varieties should be based on the type of soil and the type of crop. Urea formaldehyde should be applied to sandy soil. Urea acetaldehyde is suitable for pasture crops. Isobutylene diurea should be suitable for crops such as grasses, lawns, ornamental crops and fruit trees. Coated fertilizers are most suitable for rice under intermittent irrigation conditions. Good, synthetic slowly soluble inorganic fertilizer is suitable for orchards, lawns, flowers and seedbeds.

4. The price of one-time application of long-acting fertilizer is higher than that of ordinary fertilizer.

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