Diet can be used to treat fatty liver

For modern people, there are still many modern health diseases. One of the more obvious is fatty liver. In fact, for fatty liver, as long as we treat it in time, we can recover, especially our dietary adjustments. It's easy to treat.

The diet of patients with fatty liver has strict requirements: the diet should be regular, try to eat less saturated fatty acids, limit the intake of cholesterol; should be low-fat diet. The beneficial foods with nourishing and detoxifying effects are the most important. Hawthorn contains sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C, carotene, starch, malic acid, tannin, calcium and iron and other substances. In addition to its high nutritional value, it has a high medicinal value. Its fruit, leaves, nucleus, roots and stems can be used as medicine.

Hawthorn into the stomach, can enhance the role of enzymes, promote meat digestion, contribute to cholesterol conversion, it contains ursolic acid, can reduce the deposition of animal fat in the blood vessel wall. For fatty liver or obese people, if they eat hawthorn, hawthorn flakes, hawthorn pills, or drink with hawthorn, they can all eliminate fat, which is a good hepatoprotective food and an ideal health food for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Long-term consumption of hawthorn has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids and can prevent and treat diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and arteriosclerosis. Therefore, regular food hawthorn has great benefits for mild fatty liver.

Eating hawthorn is not a patent for everyone. It should be used with caution in patients with stomach problems or under the guidance of a doctor. Some people drink tea after a period of hawthorn, did not wait for the decline in blood lipids but first drink stomach problems. The role of hawthorn is first of all to eliminate digestion, and has a strong digestive function, so people suffering from stomach problems should not generally drink hawthorn tea on an empty stomach. In particular, patients with hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric ulcer, reflux gastritis, and reflux esophagitis do not Suitable for drinking.

Room Thermostat

According to the temperature change of the working environment, the thermostat will have some physical deformations within the switch, resulting in some special effect. The thermostat will cause a series of automatic control element of turning off and turning on, which is also called temperature control switch, temperature controller, temperature protector, referred to the thermostat. Through thermal protector, the temperature protector will send the temperature to the thermostat and the thermostat will send the commands to control the operation of the device in order to achieve the desired temperature and the energy saving effect. Now the thermostat are widely used in thermostat application appliances, motors, cooling, heating and many other products.

The working principle of the thermostat is automatically sampling, real-time monitoring through the temperature sensor. The control circuit starts when the ambient temperature is higher than the control set point. If the temperature still rise, when the temperature rose to over-limit alarm set point, the thermostat start limit alarm function. When temperature control can not be effectively controlled in order to prevent destruction of the device also can be stopped by the trip device features continue to run.

According to the function of the working,the thermostat have different types:intelligent thermostat,remote controlled thermostat,programmable thermostat,wireless room thermostat.

Room Thermostat,Auto Thermostat,Intelligent Thermostat,Remote Controlled Thermostat,Programmable Thermostat,Wireless Room Thermostat

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