Doctors remind gastrointestinal patients not to eat more dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. The soft, moist and dirty rice dumplings are hot. The reporter learned from the 120 emergency center in the Tibet Autonomous Region that every year before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, people have “dietetic diseases” due to excessive consumption of dumplings. The doctors reminded that the viscosity of the dumplings was too high. High, non-digestible, and lack of fiber, stomach, diabetes, cancer patients should eat less.

According to the doctor of the Autonomous Region 120 Emergency Center, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival last year, a patient who had undergone stomach surgery once again "lives" into the hospital. After the patient has undergone a gastro-intestinal operation, it coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival. He eats dumplings and he Suddenly there was a feeling of hunger and the stomach was still screaming. A week later, the symptoms not only did not disappear, but also increased. No matter how much you eat for dinner, you will be hungry in the middle of the night. When you are hungry, you have to eat something and seriously affect the quality of your sleep.

At the same time, the patient also experienced poor appetite, bloating, upset and other symptoms. After the appropriate treatment, the symptoms were relieved.

According to Dr. Li Li, MD, the 120th Emergency Medical Center of the Autonomous Region, most of the stomach and cancer patients have weak gastrointestinal absorption and absorption functions. Zongzi can cause indigestion, resulting in excessive stomach acid and abdominal pain, and can even induce or aggravate the original gastrointestinal tract. Road disease; glutinous rice is a refined white rice, easy to increase blood sugar after eating, is not conducive to stable blood sugar in patients with diabetes, especially sweet bean dumplings, red dates and other flavors; meat, egg yolk mostly high fat, high cholesterol, not suitable for the heart and brain Vascular patients eat, otherwise it is easy to increase blood viscosity and increase the burden on the heart. Dr. Li reminded that stomach patients and cancer patients can eat one meal each time. Do not eat every day.

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