Tracking radish for 8 hours: Listing price of 9 yuan for sale at 3 yuan

Unearthed 0.9 yuan per kilogram in the morning and sold to the public in the afternoon rose to 3 yuan. The reporter traced the radish 8 hours in the morning. The radish dug from the vegetable fields was only 0.9 yuan per kilogram. After several twists and turns and sold in the hands of the public in the afternoon, It has become 2.7 yuan to 3 yuan per kilogram, the price has tripled. Yesterday, the reporter went deep into the vegetable base of Guilin Town, Yinan County, and followed the radish production until it entered the public's vegetable basket, which witnessed the whole process of rising radish prices.

The vegetable grower purchaser is 0.9 yuan per kilogram. At 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the pollution-free vegetable base in Guilin Town, Taonan County. The village's small boat village 5 community farmers soared, is to sell their own acres of 6 acres of radish to the vegetable purchasers Xiao boss. 3,645 kilograms of radish were sold at a price of 0.9 yuan per kilogram and a total of 2,915 yuan was obtained.

After accepting the ticket for white flowers, the ancient Shuangfei complained by the number of sides: "Too scary, except for the cost, I don't want to grow vegetables at this price." Ancient Shuangfei said that she planted 2 acres of land. The radish, fertilizer money is calculated at 800 yuan per mu, and 2,000 yuan is required. The seed money, plastic film, medicine money, etc. are required to be 250 yuan, and the radish and radish are collected. The six local farmers are busy for two and a half days and a total of 300 Yuan salary, selling carrots 2915 yuan, remove the capital, leaving only 300 yuan. It takes more than two months to plant a radish in a season. "More than two months to earn this money, it's better to rub shoes in the city."

The purchaser’s wholesaler’s 1.1 yuan per kilogram, in addition to the 3645 kilograms of radish from the farmer’s ancient Shuangfei, the vegetable purchaser Xiao’s owner received 11 tons of turnips in the 5 community of Xiaozhoucun. This car radish, Xiao Bo to pull to the main city.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Panxi vegetable wholesale market, Shaw boss sold 11 tons of radish whole vehicle to wholesalers in the market, selling 1.1 yuan per kilogram.

Shaw boss said, plus two cents per kilogram to remove the loss, although there are 2,000 yuan in gross profit, but remove 700 yuan freight, 256 yuan wholesale market entry fee, 180 yuan fare down, 120 yuan bag and rope fee, driver and himself The 120 yuan living expenses on the way, leaving only 600 yuan net profit. Since he is in partnership with another person, he is only paid off with a net profit of 300 yuan per person. "To earn this 300 yuan, we have to stay vigil for two more days."

The wholesalers of vegetable wholesalers, at 1.2 yuan per kilogram, took over a radish from Shaw's bosses immediately afterwards, and immediately sent them to the vegetable vendors in each area of ​​the main city.

Most of the vegetable vendors are regular customers. It is very clear when the vegetables are available in the wholesale market and who they are looking for. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a vegetable vendor from Nanping quickly entered a radish at the Panxi Vegetable Wholesale Market at a price of 1.2 yuan per kilogram.

Although the wholesaler earns only 1 cents per kilogram, he basically receives the goods in the market and ships them in the market. It does not need long-distance transport and does not have much cost. And the shipment volume is not small, the profit still counts.

The vegetable stall vendor paid 1.4 yuan per kilogram at 4:40 in the afternoon. The carrots were pulled by vegetable vendors and were sold to market vendors at Nanping Zhengyang Farmers' Market, which rose to 1.4 yuan per kilogram.

The street vendor's RM 2.7 to RM 3 per kilogram at 6 pm will put radishes on vegetable stalls. When the amount of radish is 1.4 yuan per kilogram, it will become 2.7 yuan, 2.8 yuan, and 3 yuan in three grades.

At 6 pm, it was during the peak hours of work to buy vegetables. Ms. Shu of Nanping bought 2 kilograms of radish and stewed pork ribs home. She chose the cheapest and paid 5.4 yuan.

In this way, the price of radish from the vegetable base in southern Anhui rose by three times from 0.9 yuan per kilogram at the time of production to the citizen's vegetable basket.

Voice of the public: I did not expect to rise so fast Ms. Shu is a native of Nanping, her impression, the market has sold radish 1 cent per kilogram. "I did not expect to rise so fast. Now I eat radish, which is more expensive than eating meat."

Farmers: The psychology is somewhat unbalanced. Zhang Xiaobo, a vegetable farmer in Xiaozhou Village, Guilin Township, Taonan County, said that the radish he worked so hard to produce was less than 1 yuan per kilogram. The people had to spend three times the money to buy it. unbalanced."

Supermarket "direct sales"

Only sell 1.36 yuan per kilogram of radish Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found in the Yonghui Supermarket than the market shop, the same radish from the vegetable base in southern Anhui, only sell 1.36 yuan per kilogram. Supermarket Fresh Food Manager Lee said that the supermarket's vegetables, rice, etc., are shipped directly from the base, reducing the number of wholesale links in the farmers' market, saving several shipping costs, the cost of changing hands. He said that the radish harvested from 0.96 yuan to 1.04 yuan per kilogram at the base, and sold 1.36 yuan, and the cost of 2 cents was still about 2 cents.

Manager Li believes that many products, from the place of production to the people to buy, the price must be doubled, because too many intermediate links.

Reporter's notes to reduce the intermediate link is the key to the production of radish from the Minnan radish to the citizens' food basket. The price has tripled. The reporter traced the whole course and discovered that the culprit was caused by too many intermediate links. Many of the small dishes in the market have changed hands and become “meat prices” for the same reason.

In fact, radishes and other vegetables have been sold to the public. Although prices have multiplied several times, but farmers, middlemen, etc., who are not profiteers, every link to remove costs, but also have little left because only Too often, the ultimate loss is to the people who buy food.

Fortunately, the reporter found that some of the city's large-scale agricultural product bases are trying to "direct" the circulation method, reducing the cumbersome circulation, eliminating profit exploitation. Hopefully, this "direct sales" model can bloom everywhere.

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