China's Food Inspection Agency Qualifications to Be Completed

The reporter learned from the 29th to 30th National Certification and Accreditation Administration held in Beijing at the National Laboratory and Qualification Recognition Work Meeting for Inspection Organizations that the qualification verification of China's food inspection agencies is about to be fully carried out.

The qualification management system for food inspection agencies is an important system that guarantees food safety in China in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety Law. The "Food Safety Law" stipulates that "a food inspection agency can only engage in food inspection activities after it has obtained qualification certification in accordance with the relevant national certification and accreditation regulations." Based on this, the AQSIQ issued the "Administrative Measures on Qualification Recognition of Food Inspection Institutions", and the Ministry of Health issued the "Conditions for the Qualification of Food Inspection Institutions." The National Certification and Accreditation Administration has formulated the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Qualifications of Food Inspection Institutions. According to reports, as of now, there are nearly 6,000 food inspection agencies across the country, issuing more than 25,000 current valid qualification certificates and authorizing 433 national quality inspection centers.

It is reported that the relevant person in charge of the CNCA proposed at this meeting that in the future, the qualification accreditation will be promoted from four aspects to a sound and rapid development: further strengthening the construction of the qualification accreditation system, further strengthening the contingent construction, and further strengthening the qualifications We will identify work informationization and further strengthen research and development in the key areas and new fields of qualification recognition.

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