Renshou, Sichuan: 70% of the market in Black Dragon Beach flower carp head is fake

Renshou Black Dragon Beach produces about 80,000 kilograms of fish per year, but it can only consume 200,000 kilograms of fish heads per year in Renshou Market. Even a small restaurant will claim that its fish is a black carp of Black Dragon Beach. .

"From late November to late March, the fish fry period will not be caught. However, the restaurant is still called the head of the flower and fish head from Heilongtan." Feng Qinghua, who contracted the fish breeding in the Black Dragon Beach waters, was very tangled. Since he was not registered, he could not Rights protection. Yesterday, Zeng Zhongliang, director of the Black Dragon Beach Management Office, said that the trademark of the Black Dragon Beach carp was being registered.

The market Qicheng Black Dragon Beach carp head false?

Renshou Black Dragon Beach, which has been listed as a provincial-level scenic spot, has a water reserve of 360 million cubic meters. The squid heads produced by many people are coveted. Chengdu’s Wu Yan spent two years in Renshou, and he particularly liked to eat Black Dragonhead flower head. He said, “Renshou people like to eat black Longtan flower head, big head, natural, delicate meat, and cool inlet. Slippery, no muddy smell.”

Walking on the streets of Meishan, Renshou and other places, many restaurants have played signs: Black Dragon Beach flower head. "Reassuringly, it is definitely the authentic Black Dragon Beach Carp head!" At any time, the bosses vowed to diners. "All we went to buy in Black Dragon Beach personally," said Renshou, a restaurant owner on the peasant street. In Meishan, Renshou, and other markets, fish heads are abundant. Where do you come from? Just bought from Black Dragon Beach. This is a uniform response from fishmongers.

However, Feng Qinghua, who contracted fish breeding in the Black Dragon Beach waters, said, “Nearly 70% of the Black Dragonhead flower heads on the market are not from Black Dragon Beach, especially during the period from late November to the end of March of the following year. The Black Dragon Beach flower head is fake."

“Authentic” fish heads have not been sold for 4 months a year. In 2007, Feng Qinghua signed a six-year contract with Heilongtan Management Office to contract for fish farming in Black Dragon Pond waters. Calculated according to the area of ​​its waters, the annual output of Heilongtan Huatan is about 200,000 kilograms, and it is sold to Chengdu, Meishan, Renshou and other places. The head of 200,000 kilograms of flower carp is only about 80,000 kilograms. "To the head of the Black Dragon Beach flower in Renshou is the largest, about 40000 pounds or so."

“Each year from late November to late March, we will raise fry. In order to protect the fish, we will not be fishing during this time. However, some restaurants have the so-called 'Black Dragon Beach flower head' and deceived. Diners.” Feng Qinghua said.

Looking forward to the trademark registration and protection of the brand "because the counterfeit Black Dragon Beach flower heads continue to emerge, resulting in false saturation of the black dragon head fish head consumer market, resulting in the real Black Dragon Beach fish head is also not lifted." Feng Qinghua said with emotion.

"As long as the head of a common flower carp is more than 10 yuan a pound, the real black dragon carp carp head can be sold for more than 30 yuan a pound, the difference is as high as 20 yuan, not only consumers have suffered a loss, but more importantly, this pair of Black Dragon Beach. The flower head brand will cause a very bad influence." Feng Qinghua said.

What makes Feng Qinghua uncomfortable is that the Black Dragon Beach flower head is so popular that it has not registered a sign to protect it. “We also very much want to use the trademark registration to allow Black Dragon Beach Flowerhead to have its own brand, but we have a worry because the contract period is less than 3 years. It is hard to say whether the contract period can be renewed later.” Yesterday, Zeng Zhongliang, director of the Black Dragon Beach Management Office, said that the trademark of the Black Dragon Beach flower carp is being registered and the material has been reported.

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