The vegetable transporter of the oil price rises to call "can't afford to hurt" or affect the vegetable prices in the second half of the year

Master Hou of this dawn of diesel money will spend 800 yuan more, he plans to no longer pull vegetables to Xiamen recently.

Xiamen Net-Xiamen Evening News said, “It's too oily. The vegetable has been so little profit. It was further diluted.” The price of gasoline and diesel went up in the past two days and quickly affected the vegetable transportation industry. From". Yesterday, many foreign vegetable transport operators in the Tongan South Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market told reporters that they plan to stop operating for a while or change their fruit.

Helplessly, I paid 800 yuan more for diesel fuel. In the South Anhui fruit and vegetable wholesale market, the reporter saw two bloody master Hou. He and another driver drove a full 38-hour truck and arrived in Jiangsu yesterday morning. Xiamen. He pulled a full vehicle onion. Master Hou calculated the account, a single one, the light of diesel money to 800 yuan more, a long-term down, but also earned less than 2,000 yuan. "I really don't want to do it. The profit is too low."

Master Hou said that after knowing that the price of diesel fuel had risen, he originally had 23 tons of cargo on board. On that day, he loaded 2 tons more to make up for the oil money. I didn't expect that because of the overload of two tons, he paid more than 700 yuan for tolls. "This diesel price rise, I lost more than 1,000 yuan."

"After this trip, I will not transport food here. I would like to switch to other places such as Hainan and Chengdu to carry fruits." Master Hou said that although the roads are farther and harder, they are at least a bit more profitable.

“On that day when I heard that gas prices were going to increase, I queued for fuel on three-wheeled motorcycles overnight. A box of oil was used up. Now I need to spend 10 yuan more every day.” Mr. Huang of the market said that he walks two miles a day. Once he transports 1500 jins of onions and gas prices, he will spend at least 300 yuan more per month. "Fortunately, the price of shallots has been good recently, otherwise I really don't know How to do".

The current off-season trade of foreign food traders learned from the Weinan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market that at present, most of the vegetables needed by the local people depend on local supply, and the amount of food transferred is limited. The number of foreign transport vehicles that entered the market yesterday was about 40. It is flat, and the amount of imported vegetables is 1,100 tons to 1,200 tons, which is just the off-season of foreign vegetables. It accounts for less than half of the vegetable trade volume in the market, and is not particularly obvious because of the impact of oil prices.

However, if the price of oil stays high, with the arrival of the season for adjusting vegetables in the second half of the year, the proportion of out-of-pocket vegetable products in the Weinan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market will reach 80% to 90%. “The transportation costs that push up oil prices will be directly reflected. When it comes to vegetable prices, it will ultimately be paid by consumers,” said the person in charge of the market.

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