Korean products that can be used in tea

According to records, when Chinese tea was introduced into the Korean peninsula, it was seen by the locals as a drink that helped to practice. The wind of tea drinking had peaked with the prosperity of Buddhism. In the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, Confucianism rose and tea drinking gradually declined. Gradually, various soups with medicinal value, including pills and creams, are called "tea." South Korea’s unique tea culture began here.

Koreans drink tea and can have no tea.

In the famous old street Insadong Street in Seoul, you can choose a Korean tea house to sit down. The traditional hanbok gang’s tea list is full of people but feel overwhelmed. Barley tea, corn tea, citron tea, jujube tea... There is no shadow of tea, but the name of "tea" is crowned. According to the buddy, there is a tradition of “medicated diet” in Korea. It is about tonic and can be used in daily diets. The precious herbs like ginseng can naturally be used to make tea, and the grains such as barley and corn are also seen by Koreans. Good "tea".

Among the teas, the most famous one is barley tea. The guy came up in the exquisite teapot and looked plain. However, gently pouring into the cup, the thick wheat incense filled the room, and it seems that people can see the beautiful countryside. A sip of aroma, rich aroma and refreshing taste mixed into a warm stream straight into the stomach, really can not tell the comfort.

Seeing that we are interested, the folks have recommended another way to drink barley tea. It is said that in addition to hot and cold products, barley tea can also be used as a cold drink, and it is particularly dripping in the summer. So let the guys take a pot of iced barley tea, the color is slightly deeper than the hot drink, and the aroma is not hot when it is hot. I had a bite in doubt, but I felt slightly bitter and sweet. The thick wheat scent suddenly turned into my mouth. It was fresh and refreshing, and the heat of the body had to disappear. It seems that the barley tea that has been chilled has locked the aroma and taste in the tea, and only the drinker can understand it.

The beauty of barley tea has actually been discovered in China. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Barley is sweet, flat, has gone to diet, swells, eats, flattens the stomach, quenches thirst, eliminates heat, removes heat, benefits Qi, adjusts the atmosphere, broadens the atmosphere, makes up the bad, strengthens the blood, benefits Color, real five internal organs, and the power of the food." However, the real culture of barley tea is still Korean.

Barley tea can increase appetite and warm the stomach, so almost all Korean restaurants use it as a pre-dinner tea. After eating Korean barbecue, drinking a pot of barley tea can also clear the greasy stomach and help digestion. In many Korean families, barley tea is a regular drink.

It may be no exaggeration to say that for Koreans, barley tea is not only an indispensable part of daily life, but also one of the pride of Korean food.

After leaving South Korea, the scent of barley tea is always lingering in the dream.

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