Scorpion feeding and care during pregnancy

After mid-March each year, most of the artificially reared species have been mated. Then enter the pregnancy period of about two months (58-62 days).

First, the amount and method of feeding the feed should be adjusted. In recent years, many farmers have adopted a method of gradual feeding and feeding twice a day, which is effective. Specifically, about 70 grams per day is weighed into the early stage of pregnancy, that is, 40 grams of flour and 30 grams of fish meal. In addition, eggs are fed, and every 5 to 6 dumplings are fed. The farmers who feed the full-priced feeds are all 70 grams of raw materials each day. There is no fish meal, but eggs are added. Feed it once in the morning and in the evening. On this basis, the amount of flour and fishmeal is increased every 10 days. The added value is 10 grams of flour per day, about 5 grams of fishmeal, and the amount of eggs used is reduced by one every 10 days until the end of each lice reaches the standard of one egg. After 50 days of pregnancy, 100 grams of flour and 50 grams of fishmeal were fed daily. Full-price feed is also gradually increased in proportion to this increase.

The feed during this period must be consistent in terms of taste, especially for full-priced feed and fishmeal. Never change or replace it in the middle. Therefore, farmers should try their best to ensure the sameness and long-term when purchasing feed and fishmeal.

During pregnancy, except for supplementary nutrient drugs that are used to protect body functions and increase physical fitness, they need to be replenished on a daily basis. In the first 10 days of the expected date, additional liquid vitamin C should be added daily. At this stage, try to avoid feeding and injecting other therapeutic drugs.

Pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnancy coincide with the warming of the weather, the health of the culture area can not be ignored. As the temperature rises, various germs begin to resurrect and spread. Frequent cleaning and cleaning of debris and feces in the culture area creates a clean living environment for pregnant women, and it is imperative to do a good job of sanitation and epidemic prevention and disinfection. At the same time, pay attention to observe the eating situation of wolfberry fruit, find the leftovers, immediately reduce the amount of feeding; if you do not eat, increase food intake immediately. If you do not like to eat for two or three consecutive days, and there is a near-term expected date of birth, this may be a sign of labor, you need to immediately arrange production. Throughout the pregnancy period, inhabitants should be prohibited from entering the breeding area, and even non-cultivated persons should not be allowed to approach pregnancies so as not to cause mood swings.

In addition, laying out the delivery room in advance for pregnancies and keeping warm for the family is also an indispensable “subject”. Only when it is fully prepared can it be made safe and smooth to nurture.

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