Cleaning tractor should do special part treatment

In the maintenance of the tractor, in addition to doing external and internal cleaning, the cleaning of special parts such as filters, cooling systems, and lubrication systems should also be done. 1. Clean the foam air filter firstly remove the dust inside the shell, then place the filter in the washing powder or soap solution (not available for gasoline), and squeeze and knead by hand. Wash the mash and allow it to dry. Soak the filter in a clean oil and squeeze it by hand. When replacing the filter, it must be immersed in oil. The width of the new filter should be 10mm higher than the core tube. Make each end of the filter 5mm longer than the core tube. The filter should be able to wind two times around the core tube, and both ends should be pressed under the bead. The length of the filter exposed on the outside of the bead should not exceed 3mm. When the filter cartridge assembly is installed on the housing, the direction of winding on the filter should be consistent with the direction of air flow. 2. Cleaning of paper filter cores First, use rubber stoppers to block the central orifices of both ends of the filter element. In the basin filled with diesel oil or kerosene, clean the filter element inner hole with a soft brush to inflate the air, and infiltrate the surface of the filter paper. The dirt inside. Finally scrub again with clean diesel or kerosene. 3, use acid wash to clean the cooling system, first put a net cooling water, poured into 25% hydrochloric acid solution, wait 10 minutes, the scale off, dissolved, then release the cleaning solution, rinse the water with the cooling system. If the scale block in the cleaning liquid plugs the drain switch, the lower water pipe can be directly taken out to discharge the cleaning liquid. 4, wash with alkali to clean the cooling system to put the first net cooling water, the 6kg hot water, 0.5kg caustic soda, 0.1kg kerosene mixed liquid into the water tank, let stand for 2 hours, start the engine running for 10 minutes. After this interval of operation 5-6 times, the cleaning fluid is discharged with heat, and after the engine is slightly cold, the water tank and the water channel are cleaned with fresh water. 5. Cleaning of the lubrication system When the engine is at a standstill, the old engine oil must be warmed up first, so that the random oil can be discharged, and then the filter and drain plug can be cleaned. In the crankcase, washing oil mixed with engine oil, kerosene, and diesel oil is added. After the engine runs at a low speed for 3-5 minutes, the washing oil is drained and the new engine oil is injected. In the cleaning should pay attention to the oil pressure must not be less than 50pa. In addition, when the gearbox is cleaned, gear oil should also be warmly discharged, an appropriate amount of diesel oil should be added, and the tractor should advance and back several times to perform cleaning. Then discharge the diesel fuel and add the clean gear oil.

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