Taoyuan Goose Benefit Doubled

Because peach trees have a short canopy, they are not suitable for stocking chaiji. Taoyuan raises geese. They use the characteristics of poor goose climbing and high flying. Geese do not feed on big peaches. Ground weeds provide gooses with grazing sources and feces are made of peaches. Conditional farmers can cultivate alfalfa in Taoyuan, which not only has sufficient forage resources, but also attracts a large number of seven-spot ladybirds, reduces the damage of locusts for orchards, and lays the foundation for the production of pollution-free green fruits. This technology model has achieved a good income in Pinggu, a suburb of Beijing. It sells for a maximum of 16 yuan per 500 grams of peach, and the comprehensive income can reach more than 10,000 yuan per mu.

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