Eat Tremella Yam against Qiuzao

Autumn high bronchitis constipation, eat white fungus can be lungs, eat yam can Runchang

What should you pay attention to in autumn health in traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine says "Yin and Yang Yin", so autumn health is mainly "Yin Yin Sheng Jin."

Qiuzao in the autumn and dryness most hurt the lungs, so it is particularly prone to cough, cough and other symptoms, and it is also a season of high incidence of bronchitis.

How does the diet focus on Qiuzheng Yangfei?

Can eat a little more lungs, Sheng Jin things, white fungus is a very good choice. There are also plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the fall, and many fruits and vegetables come. The natural weather is dry, so there are a lot of moist fruits, vegetables, such as lilies, ginkgo, almonds, wolfberry, are eaten in the fall, there are autumn honey, bananas, are also lung-breathing. To good lungs, you can control the autumn bronchitis, cough.

Apart from bronchitis, are there other diseases with high incidence?

Yang Li: Diseases related to dryness are mainly problems of the lungs, while Chinese medicine says "the lungs and the large intestine are both on and off the surface." Therefore, there are many problems in the large intestine, mainly constipation. Many people obviously have constipation in the fall, especially middle-aged and old friends. Constipation has emerged, we must eat some of the large intestine, like yam, yam is the food of choice in the fall, it is able to relax. The first choice for moistening the lungs is to use tremella and choose honey and yams. There are also pumpkins and potatoes. These tuber-like foods pass through the stool. We must also eat more vegetables, radishes, cabbage, and a variety of vegetables. Steamed vegetables and Chinese cabbage are all intestines. In addition walnuts will be on the market, autumn walnuts can not only lungs, but also run the large intestine.

In addition, when the fall begins, the skin begins to dry. At this time, you can eat a little more skin, like apple skin can be eaten. Pericarp, milk, soy milk, almonds, and lilies are all to support the skin, and at the same time, it is appropriate to eat with collagen, such as pork skin and skin jelly.

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