Suitable temperature during incubation

During the incubation process, temperature is the primary condition for embryonic development of eggs. Only the proper temperature can make the embryo develop normally. Natural hatching, the hens normal body temperature is 40.5 °C ~ 42 °C, transmitted to the top of the egg is generally about 38.5 °C, so the appropriate temperature for hatching is 38 °C ~ 39 °C. Excessively high or low temperatures can affect the development of the embryo.

If it is higher than the normal temperature, the embryo will develop too quickly, and the hatching is early. The chicks are not easy to survive. If more than 43 °C embryos may die.

If it is lower than normal temperature, the embryo develops slowly, hatches out of order, and even dies. If less than 32 °C embryos will stop development and even die.

Therefore, the hatching temperature should be properly adjusted during the incubation process according to the different developmental stages of the embryo.

1 Generally, in the early stage of incubation, the material metabolism of the embryo is in a low-grade stage, and the production of heat is low and the temperature should be slightly higher, which can stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrate and promote the development of the embryo.

2 In the middle of the incubation period, the metabolism of the material gradually increases and becomes complex. The embryo increases, and it can generate a part of its own heat. The temperature of the external supply should be slightly lower than the previous period;

3 In the late stage of hatching, the fat metabolism is in an exuberant stage, and a large amount of heat generated by the embryo itself will be emitted. If the outside temperature is too high, it will hinder the emission of heat, and toxic products in the body will not be discharged, which will lead to embryo poisoning or stuffy shells. Therefore, the temperature in the later period should be low, but it should be increased slightly when it is out of the shell, so that the shell can be neat and tidy.

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