Anti-fake seedlings after grafting vegetables

After being grafted, vegetables are often affected by unfavorable environment and often exhibit leaf wilting and umbrellas. The vegetable farmers call them "flash sprouts."
First of all, after the grafting, it should not be too hasty. Generally, after 4-5 days after grafting, the general farmer thinks that the interface is basically healed, and the damper is usually discharged. However, after grafting, the seedlings were in a high-humidity environment. The transpiration of stems and leaves was weak, and the water absorption in the roots was also relatively small. If the wind was suddenly enlarged and the light was strong, the transpiration of the leaves suddenly increased, and the water absorbed by the roots could not meet the transpiration of the leaves for a time. Needs, the leaves will be wilting. The wilting situation is serious, and the newly joined part of the interface is separated again. Therefore, the general release of the wind should be carried out 7-8 days after grafting, when the grafting interface is completely healed. When ventilating, it is necessary to pay attention to gradual and gradual ventilation. At the beginning, the ventilation volume should be small, then gradually increase again, and then pay attention to the adjustment of temperature. Strengthen the temperature control, maintain the daytime temperature at 24-26°C, reduce to 14-16°C at night, and keep the temperature difference between day and night at about 10°C. Grafted seedlings first receive scattered light.
In addition, in the case of continuous cloudy days, see the plant leaves wilting, to slow down the temperature of the greenhouse, wait for the leaves of the plant to stretch, then roll the grass curtain, let a small amount of light enter, so repeated many times until the plant leaves Stretch normal so far.

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