How to prevent rice planthoppers

(1) Prevention and control of Laodelphax striatellus: Agriculture is used to prevent weeds in Tianbian and Weibian before harvesting of early rice. At the time of harvesting, the straws are played, picked, and sunned, and they are not stacked on the fields to prevent the weeds and straw insects from jumping into the late rice fields. Immediately after harvest, plowing and irrigating, late rice was inserted into Honda as soon as possible, and Tanabe sprayed it. Timely removal of barnyardgrass in rice fields can eliminate a lot of eggs in the fly. At the same time, we must pay attention to the protection and use of natural enemies, reduce the frequency of spraying, and try to use low-toxicity pesticides. Chemical prevention and treatment of early rice in paddy fields with an average of more than 2 adults per square foot and more than 5 adults in late rice fields should be controlled. The period of immobilisation and hatching of eggs should be considered during the control period. * commonly used agents: 50% diaziphos EC, 10% large meritorious WP. (2) Prevention and control of brown planthopper: Agricultural control uses anti-resistant (resistant) rice varieties to conduct scientific fertilizer and water management, timely field baking, avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, prevent late growth of rice, and create ecological conditions that are not conducive to the growth and reproduction of brown planthoppers. There are many species of parasitic and predatory natural enemies in the insect pest stage of the brown planthopper, which include spiders, nematodes and fungi, in addition to parasitoids, black-shouldered amphioxus, and ladybugs, which greatly inhibit the occurrence of brown planthoppers. The role should be to protect the use of natural control capabilities. Chemical control According to the type of rice varieties and the occurrence of brown planthoppers, adopt the strategy of pre-pressing or controlling the main damage generation. Use pesticides with high efficiency, low toxicity, and long residual period, and consider the protection of natural enemies as much as possible. Grasp the nymphs 2 (3 Age-appropriate application of pesticides * Commonly used agents: 10% Dagong Chen WP, 50% diazinon EC.

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