Lamb with Ginger and Temperature Kidney

The quality of our three meals a day has a great influence on our health. Therefore, eating is a matter of great scholarship. According to experts from the Department of Nutrition of Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, food is well-balanced and complements each other and complement each other. The following types of diets can be described as “suitable”.

What is the best match for different meat and nutrition?

Lamb with ginger and mutton can supplement blood and warming kidney yang, ginger has analgesia, rheumatism and other effects, while ginger can go to licking, but also to help the power of mutton and warm Yang cold. The combination of the two can cure low back pain, rheumatic pain and other limbs.

Chicken with chestnut chicken complement spleen hematopoietic, chestnut spleen, spleen and health is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, hematopoietic function will also be enhanced, with the old hen soup chestnut, delicious nutrition, old and young.

Yam duck with yam Ziyin, with heat and cough effect. The yam's replenishing yin effect is stronger, and with the duck with the food, can be greasy, the effect of the lungs is also better.

Fish with tofu fish and tofu are high-protein foods, but their protein and amino acid composition are not reasonable enough. For example, tofu protein lacks methionine and lysine, and fish protein lacks phenylalanine. Nutritionists call it incomplete protein. If two kinds of food are eaten together, they can complement each other and make the composition of the protein more reasonable. The proteins of both foods become complete proteins, and their use value increases.

The soft-shelled turtle is cooked with honey and soft-shelled turtle. It not only tastes sweet and delicious, but also contains rich protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and various vitamins. It also has special physical ingredients such as caprylic acid and polybasic acid. Heart disease, gastro-intestinal disease, anemia, etc. have good results.

Pig Liver with Spinach Pig liver is rich in hematopoietic ingredients such as folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron. Spinach also contains more folic acid and iron. With the two kinds of food, one ingredient and one ingredient, complement each other, is a cure for the treatment of senile anemia.

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