Control of armyworm

Mythimna separata is a migratory pest that injure corn, rice, pastures, etc. The people commonly known as "Tianma" and "Pests" have gluttony and omnivorous habits. The larvae feed on the leaves and become incomplete. Leaves eaten, resulting in loss of production.

I. Trend forecast

It is expected that the lightness of the armyworms will occur moderately to moderately to moderately, with local areas reoccurring. The area is expected to be about 80,000 mu. The hazard period is from late June to early July. The degree of occurrence of the trend is that the corn planting area is more important than the rice planting area. Wheat intercropping corn fields, pasture bases, millet bases, and yellow crops with more leaf crops occurred.

Second, the prediction basis

1, monitoring data

According to monitoring at the Xifeng County Plant Protection Station, a total of 277 moths were mowed from May 20 to June 11, including 140 females and 137 male moths, with a male to female ratio of 1:0.98 and peaks from June 7 to June 6. On the 8th of the month, on the 7th of the moth, the moth attracted 84 heads, a 15.8-fold increase compared to the highest value of the previous year. In addition, on the day of the trapping of eggs by the grass, 300 grasshoppers trapped a total of 48 eggs. The average egg mass was 0.16, and the highest egg mass for a single egg mass was 350 capsules. According to monitoring by Qingzhen City Plant Protection Station, from May 27th to June 12th, the grass attracted a total of 34 ovum blocks, 4760 egg granules, 44 omelettes and 6300 eggs. Corn seedlings found two blocks of eggs to count 60 eggs.

2, weather factors

Since May, the rainwater has not stopped and the rainfall is 12.5%-91.9% higher than the historical period. According to the prediction of the provincial professional meteorological station, according to the forecast of the provincial professional meteorological observatory, the rainwater is concentrated in early June and late June to early July. More rainy weather is conducive to the migration of adult armyworms.

Second, control advice

1, the appropriate period of prevention and control in the end of June to early July, before the third instar larvae to carry out chemical control, must be "small governance" to "treat", after 4 years of age, the armyworm enters the gluttony period, prevention and control is difficult.

2. The pests should be closely monitored in the near future. The armyworms often hide in the leaves or soil of the crops during the day. It is not easy to find them. All localities must strengthen monitoring, especially for the disaster-stricken areas, wheat-covered corn, millet bases, pasture bases, and old pest-afflicted areas. In areas that have recently used omnivorous herbicides and have a lot of yellow leaves, the monitoring efforts have been strengthened.

3. Do a good job of preventing and controlling the implementation of food production projects, pasture bases, and urban greening lawns so as to avoid sudden loss of armyworm. The old mature yellow forages in the pasture base should be cut off and fed to the cattle before they are hatched; they can also be applied after the grasshoppers are cut and then applied for control. After the pasture has been applied with pesticides, it is necessary to cut grass and feed the cattle after 20 days.

4. The removal of yellow leaves in the field recently, especially the dry leaves, grass clippings and rapeseed stalks produced in field management, and the timely removal of manure from the field can reduce a considerable amount of insects.

5. Chemical control can use 80% dichlorvos EC 100%, 20% Diflubenzuron No. 3 suspension 40 grams, 40% high chlorine horse EC 40 ml, BT emulsion and other pyrethroids compound preparation, according to the amount of mu consumption Water 50-60 kg spray.

6. During the period of armyworm control, there may be a positive period of precipitation. The people should be organized to seize the prevention and control of the sunny day. The large-scale prevention and control work should be organized to mobilize the masses to carry out joint prevention and control of a large area of ​​motorized sprayers to improve control efficiency.

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