How to use bad residue feed to feed pigs

First, reasonable collocation: According to the nutritional composition and characteristics of different bad dregs, carry out reasonable collocation so that they can make full use of their respective specialties to gain more weight, consume less material, and earn more income. For example, the salt content of Soy Sauce is high, the compound feed does not add salt, the distillers grains contain more ethanol, and the acidity of vinegar grains is large, and the amount used in compound feed is less. The corn meal dregs and mung bean meal dregs have high digestive energy, high crude protein content, and low crude fiber content and can be used in compound feeds to save more food.

Second, reasonable processing modulation: different bad residue should use different methods of processing modulation to eliminate its anti-nutritional factors. Such as bean curd residue, mung bean powder slag to be cooked, due to heat aging can destroy the anti-trypsin in order to improve its digestion and absorption rate. For the brewer's grains, it is better to feed them fresh and raw, because the more fresh and raw, the more complete the nutrition, the higher the nutritional value and the digestion and utilization, and the better the feeding effect. For maize dregs, both fresh and dry feeds can be provided, and incomplete anaerobic storage can be used for temporary feeding. For sweet potato residue because of its low crude protein content. It can be fed after biological fermentation.

Third, according to the pig's growth and development stage to feed: due to poor residue energy value is low, crude fiber content is high, while the pig's different growth and development stages of their digestive function vary greatly. General young pigs (15-30 kg) have poor digestive function, the amount of bad residue is 20%-25%, and the amount of large pigs (60-90 kg) is about 30%. Adult pigs can be fed more, but they should There is a certain limit, the maximum is no more than 50%. It should also be noted that distillers grains, soy sauce grains, and vinegar grains cannot be fed to pregnant sows and piglets.

Fourth, to gradually transition: due to poor palatability of feed poor, some specific odor, starting feeding pigs do not want to eat, should use a few to more, gradually increase the method to transition, until the pigs meet the standard after adaptation Proportional feed to pigs.

Fifth, do a good job of health and epidemic prevention: In order to improve the pig-raising benefits of bad feed, we must do a good job of health and epidemic prevention. The pens should be kept clean and dry, periodically repelled and immunized. Appropriate use of oxytetracycline, olaquindox and other anti-bacterial growth promoters, add essential trace elements, vitamins, can not only promote the growth of pigs, but also reduce the incidence of the disease.

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