Detoxification method of rapeseed cake

The rapeseed cake contains glucosinolates and can be hydrolyzed into toxic substances under the catalysis of mustard enzymes. The detoxification method of rapeseed cake is:

(1) The rapeseed cake is crushed, then boiled or steamed, and kept at a temperature of 100°C to 110°C for 1 hour to inactivate the mustard enzyme. When using this method, it should be noted that the heating time should not be too long to prevent the reduction of the feed value of the protein; and the feed amount should be strictly controlled because the glucosinolate is still present in the rapeseed cake and it may be affected by other sources of mustard enzymes and intestinal tracts. Decomposition of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the feed or feed continues to produce toxic components.

(2) Since glucosinolates are water-soluble, they can be soaked in cold water or warm water at about 40°C for 2 to 4 days, changing the water once a day. This will remove some glucosides. However, this method has a large loss of nutrients.

(3) For every 100 pieces of rapeseed cake, use 4.75 parts of strong ammonia, or 3.5 parts of soda ash, dilute with water, spray evenly into the cake, cover for 3 to 5 hours, then steam 40-50 in the steamer. Minutes; can also be dried in the sun or fried and stored after use.

(4) Select a place with a sunny, dry, high ground temperature, dig a pit 0.8 meters wide, 0.7 to 1 meter deep, and the length determined by the amount of rapeseed cake. The rapeseed cake is crushed and water is added. 1 kg of cake is added with 1 kg of water and snow, soaked into the pit after being soaked in foam, and the top and bottom are each covered with a layer of grass. The top cover soil is more than 20 cm and the feed can be taken out after 2 months. 5

The rapeseed cake and the green fodder are simultaneously silaged for feeding; they can also be fed dry first, and no water is provided temporarily after feeding. Although detoxification treatment is also strictly controlled, the amount of rapeseed cake fed should not exceed 10% of the diet.

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