Early production of sow breeding tips

First, the growth of nutrition regulation. The gilt (binary hybrid) starts from 30 kilograms, and the diet should contain 13 megajoules of crude protein, 16% of crude protein, 0.8% of lysine, 0.75% of calcium, and 0.65% of phosphorus per kilogram of formulated food. It eats as much as possible. From the weight of 45 kg, increase the calcium and phosphorus content by 0.1% each. The sow is 150 days old and controls feed intake when it weighs about 80 kg. It feeds 2.3 kg to 2.5 kg daily. For local gilts, the calculated body weight should be less than 2 kg to 3 kg.
Second, breeding period aphrodisiac feed. The initial mating age of the binary cross gilts should be carried out at an average weight of 110 kg at 8 months of age, and at a weight of 70 kg. As the gilts began to restrict feeding control at the age of 5 months, they began to increase their diet by 40% to 50% from the 14th day before the start of breeding, reaching a daily feed of 3.8 kg to 4 kg.

Third, moderate nutrition during pregnancy. Immediately after mating, the feed should be reduced to the level before the aphrodisiac feed. The diet formula contains 12.1 MJ of digestive energy, 13% of crude protein, 0.6% of lysine, 0.75% of calcium, 0.65% of phosphorus, and 2.2 kg of feed per day until 84 days of pregnancy. It starts from 85 days of pregnancy. Grain nutrition was adjusted to 1251.3 joules per kilogram of feed, 14% crude protein, 0.75% lysine, 0.8% calcium, 0.65% phosphorus, and 3.25 kg to 3.5 kg per day. Until the three days before delivery, the daily feed volume dropped to about 1.8 kg to facilitate production.

Fourth, strengthen the food intake during lactation. After 5 to 7 days after sow farrowing, gradually increase to the maximum amount of feed. The method for estimating the dietary yield of sows during the lactation period is to increase the diet by 1.5 kilograms as the base and increase 0.5 kilograms for each nursery. For example, if 10 nurturers are fed, it is 6.5 kilograms. If sows do not consume 6.5 kilograms of material per day, they can add 2% to 4% of edible fats and oils in the feed. The nutritional level of the sow is 13 trillion to 13.8 trillion joules per kilogram of digestible energy, and 14% to 16% of crude protein. 0.7% to 0.75%, calcium 0.84%, and phosphorus 0.7.

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