7 small coups to help you easily solve the lack of autumn

So how do you improve the lack of autumn? The following seven methods can help you alleviate the lack of Qiu, full of energy and face the work.

Ample sunshine

Adequate sunlight can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, but after the fall, the light time decreases, especially when the rain continues, the pineal gland secretion of melatonin relative increase, thyroid hormone, epinephrine secretion will be inhibited, people's emotions Therefore it is relatively low. At this point, moderate exposure to increased sunlight can effectively inhibit the secretion of melatonin and improve the mood of depression.

When there is no sunshine on rainy days or in the morning and in the evening, try to turn on all the lighting devices in your home or office to make the house bright and bright. People engage in activities under such well-lit conditions, which can stimulate emotions and enhance excitement.

2. Sleep more than one hour a day

The summer nights are short and the weather is hot. Many people lack long-term sleep. After the weather cools, it is time to change the habit of sleeping late in the summer and try to sleep before 10 o'clock in the evening.

Appropriate napping will help resolve difficult emotions, especially for the elderly to lunch break. Modern studies have found that at 0 to 4 in the night, the functions of various organs in the body have been reduced to the lowest point; between 12 and 13 noon, it is the time when the human sympathetic nerve is most fatigued. At the same time, it is better to add 1 hour of sleep to each person than usual. The people's daily life should be adjusted accordingly, especially if there is sufficient sleep, because only in this way can we adapt to the "falling autumn".

3. Bubble Ginseng Tea

The lack of autumn is due to lack of yin and yang is hot. Therefore, Qiu Qi lacks weight in yin and moistening. Many white-collar workers habitually use coffee and tea to refresh themselves, but health experts recommend that they can be used to make American ginseng slices. Because the American ginseng has obvious anti-fatigue and refreshing effects, there is a certain amount of nourishing and replenishing. Ginseng slices, take 5-10g each time with boiling water to drink, the role of spleen and dampness for people to mention God, make up for qi. In addition, you can also drink Luo Han Guo to drink, each with a quarter of the Luo Han Guo can be brewed.

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