Ministry of Agriculture requires: Strengthening current management of wheat fields

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Notice on Practically Strengthening the Management of Today's Wheat Fields to Capture the Harvest of Summer Grains." It called for the agricultural departments at all levels to firmly seize the goal of harvesting summer crops, unwaveringly intensify efforts, and do a good job in the field management of wheat in the later period. Strive for a good harvest of summer food.

According to reports from various localities, the growth of winter wheat this year is obviously better than that of the previous year. There is a foundation and hope for seizing the summer harvest. However, it should be noted that some regions have emerged as droughts, and diseases and insect pests have entered a period of high incidence. The meteorological department predicts that the temperature in May is higher than normal, with less precipitation, and the occurrence of dry hot wind increases. The Ministry of Agriculture requires all localities to firmly establish the ideology of fighting against disasters and harvesting, further strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen guidance services, and pay close attention to the implementation of measures, so as to ensure that the summer grain is not in hand and management is not relaxed during the day.

At present, the winter wheat in the northern part of North China is at the booting stage, and the winter wheat in Huanghuai area is at the flag-shooting stage. All localities should give prominence to the key points and do a good job in the field management of wheat in the later period according to local conditions. One is to focus on pouring good grouting water, and do a good job of regulating fertilizer and water. According to the growth and development of wheat and the weather conditions, promoting grain filling and raising the economic coefficient are important goals in the field management at the later stage, and the implementation of key technologies must be followed. The key is to pour well the grouting water, protect the roots and protect the leaves, delay aging, and increase grain weight. In particular, it is necessary to create conditions for the heavier drought-fighting wheat fields, strive to pour first-time grouting water, improve soil moisture content, and promote grain filling.

The second is to focus on "two diseases, three pests," and effectively strengthen pest control. At present, the wheat stripe rust spreads rapidly in the southwestern southwest, the Hanshui river valley and the southern Huanghuai valley. Gibberella disease is about to enter the high incidence period in the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers and the southern Huanghuai, and aphids, midgeworms, and red spiders tend to occur in some areas. To achieve early detection, early warning, early prevention and control. Emergency prevention and control shall be carried out in a timely manner, vigorously promote the rule of professional unified defense, and improve the effectiveness of prevention and control. Third, with the focus on “one spray and three defenses,” we must do a good job in preventing and reducing disasters. Pay close attention to the changes in the weather and focus on prevention of disasters such as dry hot wind, bad rain, and lodging. The peasants were mobilized to vigorously promote the “one spray and three defenses” technology, prevent pests and diseases, prevent premature decay, prevent dry hot wind, enhance grouting strength, increase grouting speed, and increase grain weight.

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